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We design & produce interactive art exhibitions & 3D gallery visualisations

Curat10n is creating a mini-revolution in exhibition visualization and access to art. We develop interactive and immersive arts applications using 3D technology – because every artist, curator & gallery should have the opportunity to show and share their work. without limiting their creative vision. Art-lovers and collectors around the world should be given the chance to see a diverse selection of artworks in an interactive and inspiring virtual space.

Whether you are part of a gallery that wants to visualize and plan their next exhibition. Whether you are an artist, collective or curator looking for a cost-effective way to promote and exhibit your artwork. Whether you are looking for a way to present artwork and integrate a virtual gallery with an online store in order to make sales. Or whether you want to create a unique immersive arts experience as part of a cutting-edge exhibition…we can do that for you. All options are on the table – if you can imagine it, then we can make it a (virtual) reality.

Public Gallery Projects

White Space Gallery

“Modern gallery space with artist information, web integration & E-commerce gateway”

Hive & Mini Hive Galleries

“Expansive & flexible gallery space for artists, curators, universities & art fairs”

Open Art 2018

“Our Open Art exhibition – Be part of it. Free to enter, free to share, open to all”

Contact Curat10n

Interactive 3D visualisations are perfect for virtual galleries & exhibitions that will inspire, entertain and engage audiences. There are many possibilities when it comes to their features & uses. Our design & development services are bespoke. Once we know what you want and the artwork that you want to present, then we will discuss your options and give advice. Together we will decide on the design brief, timescale and costs for the project.

Contact our small friendly team to find out if a virtual gallery is right for you. You can use the contact form or send us a direct email to info@curat10n.com. Leave your phone number if you would like us to call you back.

Which features of a virtual gallery are you most interested in?

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