We make virtual art exhibitions and interactive experiences for galleries, museums, curators and artists.

In a virtual gallery you have total control over how artwork and information is displayed. There’s no limit to the amount of space you have available and there’s no need to take the work down, which makes it a great way of archiving your artwork and keeping a permanent record of each exhibition you create.

Virtual galleries can be shared worldwide – online and via email. It’s a great way of expanding a real-world gallery space or making exhibitions more cost-effective and accessible to people everywhere.

Each piece can be easily re-sized, re-positioned and it’s possible to choose the style and finish of the frame. It’s also possible to include video installations, sound installations or sculptural work in a virtual gallery.

Recreate a real-world space or design something new

We can create a realisitc 3D model of any space, ready to use for interactive virtual exhibitions.

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Explore our virtual gallery spaces and share or sell your artwork worldwide in high-quality 3D.

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Take a tour of the White Space galleryA virtual gallery designed for e-commerce

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Whilst exploring a virtual gallery you can easily access information about each artwork. This might appear automatically as you approach an artwork or enter a room, or it can be accessed on-demand by interacting with the artwork. The info available can be different for each piece of art and may simply be some text, or it may include images, audio introductions or videos.

One of the key feature of this technology is the ability to integrate your virtual gallery with an e-commerce web site. When standing in front of an artwork you can press a key to add it to an online shopping cart. This can be set up so that it takes the user to a page on an existing website, or to an artwork that has been put up for sale in the curat10n shop. Users can then press another key to go to a checkout page and finalise any purchases.

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Take a tour of the Hive galleryA spacious virtual gallery for exhibitors, curators and art groups