Bespoke Virtual GalleriesCreate something unique and perfectly suited to your needs

There are many options available when creating a virtual art gallery. This is why we work closely with every client to make sure you are aware of all the possibilities and so we can develop a gallery space or exhibition that meets your needs.

We offer several virtual gallery packages which make use of our ready-made gallery spaces: The White Space, The Hive, and the Mini-Hive. You can view these packages here.

If you wish to develop a unique gallery space then you will find all the details you need on this page. There are 3 main stages to think about when designing a virtual gallery. We also use these 3 elements to calculate the cost of the project.


Stage 1. Creating the 3D virtual space

This might be based on a real world space or it could be a completely new design

Stage 2. Filling the space with artwork

Also adding audio, video, further information and other content.

Stage 3. Preparing the gallery and adding extra features

Adding special features and getting it ready for distribution or presentation.

Virtual Gallery Price Calculator

Below, you will find descriptions of the services and options available. To estimate the cost of your project, decide on the features and types of artwork that you would like to include in your virtual gallery. Then add together the cost for each of the three stages. Some elements of the design will need to be quoted on a per-project basis. You can contact us to get a quote or to ask any questions you may have. Simply use the contact form at the bottom of the page, or email Curat10n at

Creating the 3d Virtual Space

Option 1

Re-create a real world space

We will recreate any real-world environment, using floor plans, measurements and photographs. You have the option of modifying or expanding the space. You can recreate textures and finishes from the real world, or choose from a range of other options.

Option 2

Design and build an original space

There is almost limitless creative potential for designing your own unique space. This may be based on real-world concepts or complete fantasy. We will work with you to develop a shared vision and create a bespoke design that fits your needs.

Option 3

Use one of our ready-made virtual spaces

You will have the option of changing the materials and textures used for the floors and physical features in the gallery.

3a: The White Space Gallery

Suitable for 16-36 artwork. A refined gallery space with modern architecturral features. The reception area is optional and can be removed to create space for additional artwork.

3b: The Hive Gallery

Suitable for 60-180 artworks. Made up of 15 heaxagonal ‘rooms’ with a large central room and viewing balconies throughout the gallery.Each room has the option of having a roof.

3c: The Mini-Hive

Suitable for 24-36 artworks. Made up of 3 hexagonal ‘rooms’, with connecting stairways and vieweing balconies thoughout the gallery. Each room has the option of having a roof.


The Mini-Hive gallery is currently available at no extra cost. Simply pay for the cost of the artwork, additonal content and preparing the virtual gallery for distribution.


The gallery content includes all of the artwork, artwork information, audio, videos and web integrations that are included in the virtual gallery.

To make the design process simpler and more flexible you can pay for this using content credits. This means that you can estimate the amount of content you will need for your gallery and then use this credit in any way you want. This makes it easier to make changes – to move things around, edit information and to add or take away artwork as we develop the virtual gallery.

Credits can also be used across several projects. This means that if you intend to curate more than one exhibition, you can save money by purchasing credits in bulk.

Below you will find a description of all the types of content you might want to add to your gallery – and how many content credits each item costs.

The price of content credits is as follows:

  • 100 credits = £300  (£3.00 each)
  • 150 credits = £435  (£2.90 each)
  • 200 credits = £560  (£2.80 each)
  • 300 credits = £795  (£2.65 each)
  • 400 credits = £1000  (£2.50 each)



Flat/2-dimensional artworks

Presented on a rectangular/square canvas. Any size. Includes basic text information about the artwork, which appears on-screen when the viewer approaches.

3 Credits


Picture Framing

Add a simple rectangular/square frame to any picture. Choose from a range of maerial finishes, including matt paint, gloss paint, metal or wood.

1 Credit


Video without audio

Presented on a rectangular/square screen or wall. Any size. Video file size up to 20Mb, with additional cost for larger files (see below)

4 Credits
Video with audio

Presented on a rectangular/square screen or wall. Any size. Video file size up to 20Mb, with additional cost for larger files (see below)

5 Credits
20MB extra video file size

For your reference, a 1 minute MP4 video file (720p resolution) is approximately 15Mb. Higher resolution videos and other formats require larger file sizes. We can edit and convert video files at extra cost. If you wish to make a project that uses a large amount of video, please contact us for a quote.

2 Credits


Sculptural/3D artwork

The cost of sculptural work will depend on its complexity.


Audio introductions

This can be played when a viewer approaches an artwork or enters a particular area of the gallery. It can play automatically or be triggered/stopped by the user.

2 Credits

Web Integration

Web & e-commerce integration

The user presses a key and is taken to a web page in their browser

Or the user presses a key and an artwork is added to their shopping cart (integration with an e-commerce store)

1 Credit


Additional on-screen information

This is information that will be displayed on-screen when the user presses a key while standing in the proximity of an artwork. It is in addition to the basic info displayed when th euser approches the artwork.

Text information
1 Credit
On-screen images
1 Credit each
On-screen video
See video options above

Preparing the Gallery & Adding Special Features

After developing your virtual gallery it will need to be ‘packaged’ so that it can run on different types of computer. We typically develop versions for Windows PC or Apple Mac, but can also develop virtual galleries for use on mobile devices or virtual reality headsets.

for PC

Packaging for PC

Preparing the final project so that it can run on Windows PCs.


for Mac

Packaging for Mac

Preparing the final project so that it can run on Apple Mac.


for Mobile

Development for mobile devices

Preparing the final project so that it can run on Andoid or Apple smart phones. This requires extra development time, as the quality of the virtual gallery needs to be simplified so that it can run on less powerful devices.

for VR

Development for virtual reality (VR)

This will depend on the final presentation of the project and the setup used for VR.

Web Portal

Personal gallery page on the Curat10n web site

We will create a unique page with an introduction to your gallery, plus a video tour and photos of the gallery space. This can include download links so that visitors can download your virtual gallery. The page can be made public or accessed via a private link


We are currently offering this service to all customers for free. You can see an example of what your gallery page might look like here.


Ambient music within the gallery space

This music will play within the 3D space and will be audible at different volumes depending on the location of the user. ‘Speakers’ can be placed around the space an dit is possible to make this interactive, so that users can control the music they hear.


Addition of artwork to the Curat10n online shop

Sell your artwork in the Curat10n e-commerce store. The cost of this is negotiable and may be based on commission or a flat fee per artwork.

E-commerce banner

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