Exhibiting Artwork

Flat artworks (2D)Fine art, photography, illustration & graphics

2D Flat Artwork

Fine art, photography and illustration can all be beautifully reproduced and shown within your virtual gallery.

All that is needed is high-resolution photograph of the original artwork. This can then be imported into the virtual world. The image quality is photo-realistic and can be viewed up close. Even fine details such as brush strokes and paint textures are recreated accurately.

Flat artworks can easily be resized, so you can show them at a much larger scale if you wish. It is also possible to add a frame or mount to each picture.

When you send us an image, we will check and edit the photograph in Photoshop to make sure that colour, contrast and brightness are recreated accurately. The best results will be from well-taken photographs, taken in good lighting and at a fairly high resolution. This can be achieved easily even with a phone camera.

Sculture and Installation (3D)Modelling of complex shapes and materials

3D Sculture and Installation

Three-dimensional works of art, such as sculptures and installations, can be accurately recreated in immersive 3D. Just about any shape can be modelled in 3D, including the use of realistic materials and textures.

The complexity of a sculpture or installation will determine the cost of reproducing it in 3D. Simple geometric shapes with straight lines are the easiest and most cost-effective to reproduce. Complex organic shapes with curved lines require more advanced modelling techniques and the cost for these will be higher.

We can also produce animated artworks with moving parts – light, sound, and interactive elements.

Video Projection and SoundCinematic video projection - Musical soundtracks - Audio guides

Projection, video and Sound

Video installations and short films can be projected inside a virtual gallery. Any wall or surface can be used as a screen. It’s even possible to project your videos into the sky…if you’re a fan of batman.

Audio can also be used inside the gallery to create realistic and atmospheric soundscapes to accompany your videos or artwork. There is also scope for audio installations, musical soundtracks and sound effects.

Virtual galleries are a great opportunity to give guided tours of a gallery, with introductions from the artists and curators involved. Audio recordings can be set up so that they play automatically when entering a room or approaching a work of art. This can create a very personal and insightful experience and allows artists to connect with their audience.

Displaying InformationArtwork descriptions - Links to further resources - Sales information

Displaying Art Information

As with a real-world gallery, the simplest way of displaying information is to use written labels, displays and signs. This might include useful information such as the title, artist, year of production, materials used, description, price and contact details of the artist.

In a virtual gallery, this kind of information can be presented in a more dynamic way, via on-screen displays which don’t distract from the artwork itself and which can be easier to read. This information can also include web links, which the viewer can interact with in order to open up a web page. If a viewer is interested in a piece of work they could easily press a button and be taken to the web page of the artist.

Voice recordings are also a very powerful way of giving information about individual artworks or can be used as a way of introducing an exhibition or an artist.

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