FAQs & Useful Information

What size do my images need to be?

When  you send images of your artwork, the ideal size/resolution depends on how big you want the artwork to appear inside the virtual gallery. You should send us the highest resolution image that you have and we will edit it to the best size for the gallery. 

For good quality results, your images should typically be 2000 pixels or more along the longest dimension. If you have a picture in your virtual gallery that is 3 metres wide, then the image for this should be at east 2000 pixels wide.

You can check the resolution of an image on your computer by right-clicking on a file and going to ‘properties’.


Do I need to edit my images before I send them?

You do not need to edit your images. We will crop the images and make minor adjustments to the contrast, brightness and colouration so that they look great inside the virtual gallery.

If you are photographing your artwork, you should make sure that the whole of the artwork fits inside the photo. Make sure that the lighting is good, and if your artwork is in a glass frame you should take care to avoid reflections (it is a good ideas to remove the glass).


What image formats can be used?

We can work with images in most formats. The most common are JPG (JPEG), PNG, TIFF and BMP.

If you are using image editing software such as Photoshop, please do not send these files. They should first be saved as flat images (rasterised images, without layers).


How do I sent my artwork to Curat10n?

After you make a purchase in the Curat10n shop we will contact you via email. You can then send your artwork images to us via email.

If you have any questions before you make a purchase, please email us at info@curat10n.com or go to the Contact page.


Can my gallery include 3D scultures and installation artworks?

Your gallery can include 3D artworks, sculptures, installations or animated artwork. This is not included as part of the standard virtual gallery packages. It is a bespoke service, and a seperate quote will be given for each piece of 3D artwork. 3D modelling is more complex and time consuming that creating 2D pictures, photography and videos, so we will need to look at each individual piece.

If you would like to enquire about the cost of including 3D artwork in a virtual gallery, contact info@curat10n.com


How should I record audio introductions for my gallery?

This should be recorded in a quiet room, away from any other ambient noise (music, electrical appliances, fans, open windows). You can use a professional microphone, dictophone or voice recorder, or you can simply use the voice recorder app on your smart phone.

The audio file should be transferred to your computer (via USB or email) and this should then be sent to Curat10n as an email attachment. For larger files we suggest using WeTranfer to send your files.

Audio files should be saved as MP3, WAV, WMA or AIFF files.


Can I play music in my gallery?

You can play music in your gallery, except when it is part of a shared gallery space with other artists. This is because of differences in musical taste – not everyone is likely t o appreciate the same soundtrack, and music can have a big impact on the tone and atmosphere of a virtual gallery.

If you are creating a private/solo exhibition, or if you are developing a complete gallery exhibition then you can select a soundtrack for the gallery.


What video format can be used?

Video files should be saved as MP4, MOV, WMV or AVI. These files are usually too large to send via email, so we suggest using WeTransfer to send larger files.


How can I keep my virtual gallery private?

When your virtual gallery has been completed, we will send you a web link that allows you to download the files for your virtual gallery.

If you have purchased a private/solo gallery, or if you are the owner of the complete gallery space, then you can keep your download private. In this case, Curat10n will not create a gallery page, and will not share your download links with anybody else. You will be free to share the gallery as you wish. It is also possible to add password protection to the download link, so that only people who have been given the password can access it.

If you are part of a shared exhibition, the download links will be shared on the gallery web page that we create for you. Everyone invovled in the exhibition is able to share and promote the gallery freely.


What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Send us an email at info@curat10n.com or complete the form on our contact page