"Open Art" Exhibition

The Open Art exhibition introduces a new way of viewing and sharing art, crossing the line between a real-world exhibition and a virtual gallery. This ground-breaking idea gives art-lovers a unique experience, whilst vastly improving access to the arts from just about anywhere in the world. It also enables artists to share their work easily, cost-effectively and internationally!

72 artists are featured in the first “Open Art” exhibition, mostly working in fine art and photography. The exhibition also includes illustration, digital artwork and video installation. It is fantastic to be able to give so many talented artists the opportunity to share their work – not just in London and the UK, but around the world.

Download the “Open Art” Exhibition and experience this interactive gallery on your own computer:

Download the PC version for Windows: The Open Art Virtual Gallery (Windows 64-bit)

Download the Mac version: The Open Art Virtual Gallery (Mac OS)

"Open Art" Exhibition CatalogueView and Purchase Real Artwork from the Exhibition (Coming Soon)