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The White Space: Pro Package includes all elements of a virtual gallery, including:

  • The White Space gallery itself (details about its design can be found here)
  • Up to 36 pieces of flat/2-dimensional artwork
  • Picture framing for every artwork in the gallery (optional)
  • Additional information for up to 36 pieces – Users can press a key to see more info about each artwork, including text descriptions and up to 36 additional on-screen images
  • Up to 5 videos with sound – allowing you to include a visual introduction to each section of the gallery (entrance, reception, main room, balcony, long room)
  • Up to 6 audio introductions – allowing you to include an introduction to each area, artist or a selection of artworks
  • Web integration for all 36 items – allowing you to link every artwork to a web page or e-commerce product
  • Additional information about each artwork – the user can press a key to see further details about each piece, including text and up to 36 additional on-screen images
  • Packaging for Windows PC and Apple Mac – This will be made available for download via a share-able link which you may distribute as you wish
  • A personal gallery page on the Curat10n web site (optional) – with download links, gallery photos and a gallery video tour, all in one place and easy to share


If you require a bespoke gallery space, or more advanced features, please contact us for a quote or find more details of the options available on our ‘Bespoke Virtual Galleries’ page.

Please note – There are some limitations on the size of video files that can be included in the gallery.

Please note – Virtual galleries are high-quality visual applications. Older or less powerful computers may have performance problems when running virtual gallery applications.

Please see our FAQ page for answers to common questions about the practicalities of developing a virtual gallery.

If you have any questions please email Curat10n at info@curat10n.com