What You Get - The Final 'Product'

Delivering & Distributing your Gallery

Distributing Your Gallery

After your project is complete you will be given everything you need to view, share and promote your gallery and its artwork.  

Your virtual gallery will be packaged for PC and Mac. It can be ‘played’ on just about any modern computer with a Windows or MacOS operating system.

If you wish to develop a version of your gallery for Apple or Android mobile devices (iPad/iPhone/Samsung/HTC/LG…etc.) then this is an optional extra. These types of virtual gallery will use lower resolution graphics and will require some extra development time.

There are several options for sharing your gallery app. You can distribute for PC and Mac via the Steam platform or via file-sharing platforms such as WeTransfer and Dropbox. You can distribute you app for mobile devices via the Apple store or Google Play store. These platforms also offer a way to monetise your final product and to sell your virtual gallery to viewers. If you would like to distribute your project in this way then we will need to complete an application process, and you should bear this in mind when planning your project.

File Sizes: The size of the computer files which store your virtual gallery will depend on the project’s complexity. These are generally between 500MB and 3GB in size, which is equivalent to a typical movie download. When we host your files on our web site we will compress them so that they can be downloaded more easily and quickly.

Presenting Your Gallery

Presenting Your Gallery

One of the best ways to share and show-off your virtual gallery is as part of a real-world exhibition or arts event. This might take the form of a simple screen, hung on the wall of gallery space, or it might be shown on a huge projection screen in its own screening room.

It is easy to connect a projector to PC or Mac and display your creations on a big screen, making it a more sociable and interactive experience. Viewers can explore the virtual space using a hand-held controller. Alternatively it could be presented as a pre-recorded video or as part of an interactive talk or presentation.

For a fully immersive experience, your virtual gallery can be set up for us on a VR headset. All of the virtual gallery projects that we develop can be used in this way, but due to the cost of VR hardware it is not always the best option. If you want a fully immersive VR experience then we can provide full hardware setup and rental.

Promoting Your Gallery

Promoting Your Gallery

We will create a unique project page on our web site for your virtual gallery. Access to this page will be via a private link that you can share with anyone you wish. On this page you will find a download link for all versions of your gallery. If you choose to also sell your artwork via the online shop, then a link to this will also be included. This project page puts everything you need in one place and makes it easy for you to promote and share your artwork. You can also add any of the links to your own web site if you prefer to keep your name and brand separate from Curat10n.

If you would like us to share your virtual gallery publicly then we will add your project on our web site and also make an announcement via social media.

Once you have your virtual exhibition it’s up to you how to use it, promote it and share it…

It’s easy to take pictures inside your gallery – just use the screenshot function on your PC or Mac and share the images via social media

Or record a video exploring your virtual gallery – send it to people via email or put it on your web site

Share your exhibition freely online, or sell it via your own web site.

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