A selection of gallery projects from our portfolio

Take a look at some of the virtual exhibitions we’ve created so far & find out about new exhibitions on the horizon.

Contact us at contact@curat10n.com if you would like a live demonstration.

VNGRD-20 Falmouth University

  GALLERY SPACE = “Exhibition Quarter”

  ARTWORK = 35 Artists & 150+ pieces

  MULTIMEDIA = Interactive video screens

  FEATURES = University End-of-year Show

Outside The Zone, London

  GALLERY SPACE = Custom Design

  MULTIMEDIA = Video & audio installations

  WEB INTEGRATION = Links to e-store & instagram

  FEATURES = Ambient day & night cycle

STAND Exhibition

  GALLERY SPACE = “White Space”

  MULTIMEDIA = Audio tour & video screens

  WEB INTEGRATION = Guest book, voting & petition

  STREAMING = Access online without download

  FEATURES = Focus on storytelling & information

Lesley Bodzy – Solo Show

  GALLERY SPACE = “White Space”

  3D CONTENT = Sculptural installations

  WEB INTEGRATION = Links to online store & checkout

  FEATURES = Flying tour of the exhibition

Miller Art Museum – The Mavericks

  GALLERY SPACE = Re-creation of a real space

  ARTWORK = 80+ pieces of fine art & photography

  FEATURES = Interactive artist sketch books

Virtual Gallery Spaces

Remembering Srebrenica

  GALLERY SPACE = “White Space”

  ARTWORK = Paintings, photographs & archival objects

  STREAMING = Access online without download

  FEATURES = Focus on information & storytelling

ACA Galleries, New York – Exhibition II

  GALLERY SPACE = Re-creation of a real space

  FEATURES = Archiving of historic exhibitions

Giving Poetry Wings, South Africa

  GALLERY SPACE = “White Space”

  MULTIMEDIA = Interactive videos & poetry readings

  STREAMING = Part of an online festival program

  FEATURES = Focus on performance artwork

ACA Galleries – Richard Mayhew

  GALLERY SPACE = Re-creation of a real space

  FEATURES = Archiving of historic exhibitions

Coexistence Exhibition

  GALLERY SPACE = “White Space”

  ARTWORK = Photography & fine art

  MULTIMEDIA = Videso of performance & filmmaking

  FEATURES = Archiving of historic exhibitions

Private Demonstrations

Miller Art Museum, Wisconsin

  GALLERY SPACE = Re-creation of a real space

  ARTWORK = Regional schools art show

  FEATURES = Interactive piano and soundtrack

World Expo – Open Art 2019

  GALLERY SPACE = Custom-made world map

  ARTWORK = More than 300 pieces from over 150 artists

  MULTIMEDIA = Filmmaking, performance & sound installations

  FEATURES = Explore art from around the world

Hundred Years Gallery, London

  GALLERY SPACE = Modified re-creation of a real space

  ARTWORK = Selected artists from the Summer show

  MULTIMEDIA = 3D sound sculpture & video

  FEATURES = Multiple versions of the same gallery

Moich Abrahams – Artist on the Moon

  GALLERY SPACE = “The Moon Gallery”

  ARTWORK = Large-scale paintings & insallation shots

  3D CONTENT = Original spherical sculptures

  FEATURES = Flying tour on a UFO, interactive telescopr, and the artist’s personal memorial room

The Exhibition Quarter

  GALLERY SPACE = “Exhibition Quarter”

  ARTWORK = Space for between 80 & 300 artworks

  3D CONTENT = Open spaces & plinths for sculptural work

  FEATURES = You can add up to 4 small rooms or partition walls, ideal for large shows and art fairs

Virtual Gallery Spaces

Maddox Gallery, London

  GALLERY SPACE = Re-creation of a real space

  ARTWORK = Can select and place artwork from a collection

  3D CONTENT = Basic furniture with accurate measurements

  FEATURES = Includes all fittings and fixtures, so that artwork placement can be tested before shipping & hanging

The Moon Gallery – Open Art 2018

  GALLERY SPACE = “The Moon Gallery”

  ARTWORK = More than 200 pieces from over 70 artists

  MULTIMEDIA = Cinema rooms with large-screen videos & 3D sound

  FEATURES = Spectacular lunar landscape and views of space

White Space Gallery – Version 1

  GALLERY SPACE = “The White Space” (version 1)

  ARTWORK = Space for between 20 and 80 pieces of any medium

  MULTIMEDIA = Add video screens, audio guides or music

  WEB INTEGRATION = Include web links to further information or an online store

  FEATURES = A compact gallery with 5 distinct areas, giving plenty of options for exhibition layout & design

The Hive Exhibition

  GALLERY SPACE = “The Hive”

  ARTWORK = A modular space for exhibitions of any size

  FEATURES = Indoor & outdoor areas, perfect for showing fine art, photography, sculpture or video

Underground – Open Art 2017

  GALLERY SPACE = “Underground”

  ARTWORK = More than 100 pieces by 40+ artists

  FEATURES = A unique underground venue for exhibitions

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