Exhibition Space for Solo Artists

Show (& sell) Your Artwork Globally in a Virtual Gallery

We are currently taking submissions for the next group exhibition in the “White Space” virtual gallery. This virtual exhibition will be released in late January 2019. Submissions are being accepted until 10th January. Prices range from £20-28 per piece, including free art shop listing (T&Cs apply).

This December we are offering a 20% discount when buying 3 or more exhibition spaces. This means you can exhibit 3 artworks for under £50. Just use the promo code “ART4CHRISTMAS” at checkout. A perfect Christmas gift for artists. Artwork can be submitted before 10th January – the exhibition(s) will be released at the end of January 2019, with a screening event in London.

What do you get?

  1. Your chosen wall space in the group exhibition. All spaces are large enough for artwork up to 3 metres (9.5 ft) wide.
  2. Exhibit your chosen piece of artwork on your wall space.
  3. Any flat artwork  can be shown (painting/illustration/photograph etc.).
  4. Show your artwork at any size (show it to-scale or enlarge it to fill your space).
  5. Show your artwork on a plain canvas, or add a frame in a chosen colour.
  6. Add information to accompany each of your artworks, including:
    • Title of the artwork, Artist name, Size & medium, Description, Artist web/Instagram address, Sale price.
  7. Free listing of your artwork in the Curat10n art shop (T&Cs apply).
  8. Art shop listing includes a unique web page for your work.
  9. Your virtual gallery artwork will be linked to its art shop page.
  10. The exhibition will be released as a downloadable app for PC & Mac.
  11. Each exhibition has its own web page with download links, images and artwork listings.
  12. It’s a virtual exhibition – so you never need to take your work down.
  13. You can link directly to the exhibition download or art shop from anywhere.
  14. The exhibiton has a Creative Commons licence – you can take images and record videos.


“The White Space virtual gallery is now open to solo artists who want to be part of a group exhibition. Take a tour of the virtual gallery space and choose your wall.

How does it work?

  1. Go to the Art Shop page for the shared exhibition space. You can find this by following the links on this page or find it in the Art Shop (or by clicking this link right here).
    • We are currently offering exhibition spaces in the “White Space Gallery”
    • This shared exhibition space will be released in January 2019.
  2. Choose which space(s) in the gallery you would like to use to display your work. You can see a map of the gallery on the shop page.
    1. Use the menu to check the price and availability of each exhibition space.
    2. Exhibition spaces are priced differently depending on their location.
    3. Spaces are sold on first-come first-served basis.
  3. Add exhibition spaces to your shopping cart and go to the checkout to make a purchase.
    1. You can pay by direct bank transfer or Paypal (we offer these methods because your credit card details aren’t required – making it more secure).
  4. After paying for your exhibition space will will send you a confirmation email with instructions on what to do next (this will be sent from sales@curat10n.com).
  5. You should send us good quality images of your artwork(s).
    1. When photographing artwork, take care to ensure that it is well-lit and the entire picture fits inside the photograph. We can crop images for you.
    2. The images should have a resolution of at least 2000 pixels along the shortest side
    3. Images should be saved as JPG, PNG, BMP or TIFF format.
  6. You should also send us information about each piece of artwork.
  7. We will also send you details about how you can add your artwork to the Curat10n Art Shop. This is optional. You will need to read the terms & conditions and sign the art listing agreement.
    1. You can choose the sale price for your artwork. A 15% sales commission will be subtracted from this price.
    2. The artist is responsible for safe delivery of the artwork to the buyer. Payment will be sent to the artist when delivery is confirmed.
  8. The next shared exhibition in the “White Space” gallery will be released in late January 2019.
    1. Artists will need to send us images and information about their artwork by 15th January 2019.
    2. Exhibition space can be bought as a gift and redeemed by the artist. You can use the code “ART4CHRISTMAS” as a promotional code to receive 20% off when purchasing 3 or more exhibition spaces together.


“The White Space virtual gallery is now open to solo artists who want to be part of a group exhibition. Take a tour of the virtual gallery space and choose your wall.

How is it released? What does it look like? How can I use it?

  1. The virtual exhibition will be released as a downloadable app in the final week of January 2019.
  2. A unique exhibition page will be created on the Curat10n web site. This will include:
    • A download link, so that anyone can download the virtual gallery for PC and Mac (please note that it is not designed for mobile devices).
    • Details of all the featured artists.
    • Images of each artwork, shown within the 3d virtual gallery.
    • A video tour of the exhibition, showing each piece and its location.
    • Details of all artworks listed for sale.
  3. All artists will receive an email notifying them of the exhibition’s release and giving details of the web page and download links. These links can be shared freely by anyone. Its will also be shared on our web site and social media pages.
  4. There will be a Curat10n event in the final week of January, where the virtual exhibition will be presented to the public at a venue in London. All artists will be offered a free ticket for themselves and a guest (attendance is optional).
  5. The virtual gallery is released as an application for PC and Mac. When this app is downloaded there is no need for any software to be installed. Simply double-click the application to play/run it on your computer.
    • Please note that we cannot guarantee that apps will run on every PC/Mac (this depends on its hardware and software).

What does it look like?

  1. You can see the appearance of each virtual gallery space by watching the video on the gallery page.
  2. Artwork will be displayed in the area of the gallery that you have chosen when purchasing exhibition space. We will ensure that artworks by the same artist are shown together.
  3. We will curate the artwork selection for each exhibition and ‘hang’ the artwork in a way that complements each other. It is inevitable that artists will use different mediums, styles and subject matter and we will take care to present artwork in the best way possible.
    • If we feel that there is too much contrast between the styles or subject matter of the pieces submitted, then we will place them in seperate exhibitions.
  4. In some rare cases we may decide that a piece of artwork is not suitable for public display. We support freedom of expression and we allow artists to exhibit work that includes subject matter such as sensitive topics or nudity. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. If we decide that a piece is not suitable then we will contact the artist to ask for an alternative and if this is not possible then we will give a full refund.

How can I use it?

  1. There are many ways that  artists can use their virtual exhibition to promote their work and be seen. We will make it easily available on our web site, and there are many ways that you can help people to discover your work (email, web link, social media, business cards etc.).
  2. You can create original content using the virtual exhibition app. The virtual exhibition is released with a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-ND; Attribution-NoDerivatives). This means that you can share screenshots from the virtual gallery, but you must attribute artwork to the artist and you can’t edit the images. You must include the name of Curat10n and the name of any artist whose artwork is shown in the image.
  3. You can also record videos using the virtual gallery. This is a great way to put your artwork in front of more people, for example by posting it on YouYube or on your own web site.
  4. You can share links and images on social media. This is a good way to lead people to the virtual gallery page, where they can then see the artwork for sale and also download the virtual exhibition.
  5. You can also send people links by email. This is a great way to share your virtual exhibition with people who you already know. They can then follow the link and find out everythign they might want to know about the exhibition.
  6. You can display your virtual exhibition as part of a real-world event or exhibition. If you would like to show the virtual exhibition as part of a public or commercial event, please contact us to seek permission.


What if I have more questions about shared virtual exhibitions?

If you have any questions about shared virtual galleries, you can send an email to hello@curat10n.com and we will be happy to answer your enquiry.


“The White Space virtual gallery is now open to solo artists who want to be part of a group exhibition. Take a tour of the virtual gallery space and choose your wall.

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Exhibit and sell artwork in our next "White Space" group exhibition. From £20 per piece, including optional art shop listing. Released in January - it's a great Christmas gift for artists. Dismiss

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