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Virtual galleries can be used to exhibit artwork globally, to make sales, for live interactive events, or for visualisation and planning. On this page you will find a summary of Curat10n’s virtual gallery options and estimated prices.

There are many possible features and uses. Every interactive exhibition is custom made to the needs of our client. For a more detailed description of the possible features and design options, go to our design & development page.


Create any gallery space: Real-world modelling or bespoke design

Share worldwide: Easy download via web site, email or app store

Interactive information: Artist profiles, audio guides & video introductions

Permanent access: The show never needs to end

Archive collections & selections: Preserve every exhibition

Ready-made spaces from £600

Bespoke gallery spaces from £1400


Integration with an online store: Open a web browser with one click

Customers can visualise artwork: To scale, up close and in context

Artist information & provenance: Provide further information through the virtual gallery

Sell through the Curat10n art store: Low commission, easy set-up & flexible listing options

Data & insights: All clicks and page links can be tracked with web analytics

Gallery development from £600 (ready-made) or £1400 (bespoke)

Sales commission from 15% for Curat10n Store listings


Live visualisations & demos: To accompany talks and presentations

Audience participation: Individual or group interaction and exploration

Attention grabbing projections: Spectacular visuals and memorable experiences

Efficient use of space: For display stands & art, design or trade fair stalls

Linking events: Share exhibitions and connect around the world

Hire display equipment, computers & VR headsets

We can provide set-up and live event support


Artwork placement & selection: Easily scale and move artworks as you curate

Save on costs & logistics: Before transporting, printing or commissioning artwork

Quality 3D images: Take pictures from any angle, for cost-effective visualisation & rendering

Real-time consultation: Work with our designers face-to-face or online

Training for curators & exhibitors: Produce your own visualisations in-house

Measurement & visualisation from £600 per room

Design consultation & training: from £60 per hour

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The Virtual Space

  1. Design a new space
  2. Recreate a real-world location
    • Accurate modelling of real-world spaces: Built to scale, including fittings & furniture
    • Photo-realistic materials: Photographed on-location, or from our texture library
    • Adapt your space: Easily add walls, partitions, display furniture & lighting
  3. Use one of our ready made spaces: The Hive, White Space, Moon Gallery (coming soon)

Artwork Options

  • Flat artworks: Pictures, paintings, photography, 2D artwork, with a choice of framing & lighting
  • Videos & recordings: Projection and sound for short-films, animations and performance
  • 3D sculpture, objects & installations: Walk through, interact & view from any angle
  • High resolution images and materials: See fine brush strokes and textures up close

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