Live Interactive Events & Projection

Exhibitions don’t just put art in front of an audience – they also encourage viewers to engage with the story of the artists and the artworks they create. It can be difficult for artists, curators and exhibitors to stand-out and to leave a lasting impression on people who see their work. In order to add value and build up an artistic reputation it is important to give audiences a memorable and enjoyable experience that they connect with.

Virtual galleries allow exhibitors and event organisers to take their visitors to an imaginary space and to give them an immersive and interactive multi-media experience. It can open the door to new artwork, new locations and new narratives with emotive and engaging content.

All you need to show a virtual gallery as part of any event is a screen. You might also use a large screen projector, a tablet device or a VR headset. This depends on the type of event you want to have. You could organise an immersive event for a large audience using projector screens and live audio. Virtual reality (VR) is more suited to small audiences. Whereas sales, art fairs and exhibition stalls work better with small screens or mobile tablets.

Interactive & Immersive Installations


There are several options for setting up an interactive or immersive installation.

It may be part of a wider exhibition, with screens or projectors being used to present the virtual exhibition to an audienceof any size. People can either watch passively as they are taken on a tour of the virtual gallery space. Alternatively, they can be given control and allowed to walk around the space using a wireless controller or a computer interface. There are also more advanced options, such as using gestures to interact with the virtual gallery and guide the exploration.

Your virtual gallery display might be hung alongside regular artwork on the walls of your exhibition space. Any video monitor, projector or audio system can be used. You might also base an entire event or exhibition around a virtual showpiece. This is very cost-effective as it does not require transportation or hanging of artwork and can be easily moved to various screening locations.


Presentations & Demonstrations

Virtual spaces are great for delivering engaging and illustrative presentations. They can of course be used when presenting a new art exhibition, gallery or design project. But they are also versatile and can be used to present all kinds of images and information.

Imagine replacing your slideshow with a 3D virtual space and taking your audience on a tour through your ideas. This is sure to be a highly impressive and memorable experience, with the added benefit of allowing your audience to interact with the presenter and guide their exploration. They can also download their own copy of the virtual exhibition space and explore its content after the presentation.

This is a groundbreaking new way of delivering presentations which have a lasting legacy and are sure to impress and influence those who see them. The cost of creating a 3D presentation is not as restrictive as you’d expect and this makes them ideal for trade shows, auctions, product demos and business presentations, even outside of the arts industry. Contact us if you would like to know more and to find out how cost-effective it can be.

Point of Sale for Art Fairs & Stalls


With an e-commerce virtual gallery you can link your interactive exhibition to an online shop. This means that users can easily visit artwork listing and product pages. Here, they can find more information about each piece and access all the information they need to make a purchase. They can then add items to their shopping cart and make payments securely online.

This is a space-saving and efficent way of making art sales during any art fair or exhibition. It means that you have the (virtual) space to exhibit a wider selection of artwork and quickly process transactions online. It’s also a great way to attract new visitors and clients to an exhibition stand.

To create an e-commerce virrtual gallery you can either use one of our ready-made spaces or design a new space of your own. The design and development process is the same. The only addition is that you must list your products for sale on an e-commerce web site. It could be integrated with your own online store, or you can list artwork in the Curat10n art shop.

Selling Artwork in the Curat10n Art Shop >>

Virtual Reality & Projection


Virtual reality offers some really exciting new ways of presenting art and providing entertainment. It is a fully immersive experience where the user can explore a 3D enfironment from a realistic human perspcetive. When you combine this with the creative potential of a virtual gallery it is possible to make amazing experiences. 

Using a virtual reality headset requires more equipment than a typical screen-based virtual gallery. First of all it requires a headset, which is in-turn connected to a powerful computer. This means that a fewer people can experience the simultaneously, and it is unlikely that most people can download and experince it at home. However, it is a cutting-edge and innovate way of engaging audiences and delivering experimental artistic projects. 

An alternative to VR is th euse of large-screen projection. By using multiple screens it is possible to have several people exploring your virtual gallery at once, with an even bigger audience watching as they are taken on a tour of an immersive 3D space. It is also easy for people to replicate at home, or in multiple exhibition spaces around the world.

Contact Curat10n

Interactive galleries are perfect for exhibitions that will inspire, entertain and engage audiences. There are many possibilities when it comes to their features & applications. Our design & development services are custom made for every client. Once we know what you want, we can discuss your options and give advice. Together we will decide on the design brief for your project. We can then give you a time scale for its development (usually 2-8 weeks) and give you a quote for it’s price.

Contact our team to find out more about your virtual gallery options and get answers to any questions you have. You can use the contact form or send us a direct email to

Which features of a virtual gallery are you interested in?

Virtual Exhibitions

  • Create any gallery space imaginable
  • Easily share artwork worldwide
  • Show interactive artist information
  • Permanent access & archiving of shows
  • Cost-effective and flexible exhibitions

Selling Artwork

  • Link exhibitions with your online store
  • Buyers can visualise artwork to-scale
  • Artist information & provenance
  • Sell through the Curat10n art shop
  • Data & insights on sales and views

Exhibition Planning

  • Live visualizations & presentations
  • Interactive installations and events
  • Attention grabbing projection visuals
  • Efficient use of space at art fairs
  • VR & projection for immersive events

Live Interactive Events

  • Visualize exhibitions during planning
  • Easily select and move artwork in 3D
  • Save on planning costs & logistics
  • Professional consultation and support
  • In-house Training for curators

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