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Art exhibition spaces are available in the Moon virtual gallery. The next Moon Gallery group show will be released in April 2019.

You can choose which art spaces you would like in the gallery. Use the drop-down menu to see which spaces are available and the price for each artwork position.

You can see full details and find answers to any questiosn you might have about virtual exhibitions on the “Shared Exhibitions for Solo Artists” page >>


When you buy an art space you will be able to:

  1. Add one piece of artwork to the next Moon Gallery virtual exhibition.
  2. Display information about the artwork and artist alongside the artwork.
  3. List the artwork in the Curat10n online shop for free (This is optional).
  4. Have your name and artwork listed on a unique Moon gallery exhibition page.


Add one piece of artwork to the next Moon Gallery virtual exhibition

You will have space for one artwork, up to 3m x 3m in size wide. The space is suitable for flat 2-dimensional artworks such as paintings, prints and photographs. After making a purchase we will contact you by email (from You will then be asked to send us a photograph of your artwork and information about the piece.

*If you would like to show artwork that includes video, sound or 3-dimensional sculpture, please contact us directly at We will then give a quote depending on the details of the artwork.


Display information about the artwork and artist alongside the artwork.

When people view your artwork in the virtual gallery they will be able to see information about it. This can include:

  • artist name
  • artwork title
  • artwork size
  • artwork medium
  • artwork or artist description (100 words max)
  • artist profile photo
  • artist web site address
  • artist Instagram address
  • artwork sale prices (if listed for sale)
  • artwork sizes for sale (if listed for sale)


List the artwork in the Curat10n online shop for free (this is optional).

Any artwork shown in a virtual gallery can be listed in the Curat10n art shop for free. This will include all of the information about the piece, plus images of the artwork. Each artwork listing has its own page which can be searched for in the art shop. You can also share a unique link directly to your artwork listing.

After purchasing an art space we will contact you by email (from We will then send you full details about the terms & conditions for selling artwork. When selling artwork, you are responsible for delivering the artwork to the buyer, using a courier service with parcel tracking. You will then receive 85% of the sale price for the piece, plus the cost of postage & packaging. There is a 15% sales commission retained by Curat10n.

You will be required to provide accurate information about the size and quality of each original artwork or print you are selling. You will also be required to agree to the Curat10n art sales terms & conditions.


Have your name and artwork listed on the Moon Gallery exhibition page

Every virtual gallery exhibition gets its own unique web page. On this page we will add a video tour of the exhibition, plus a list of all the artists and artworks featured in it. This will also include a link to all artworks listed for sale. This page will also have a download link for the virtual gallery, so that visitors can download and explore the virtual exhibition on their PC or Mac.

This web page is a great way to share your work and to introduce people to the virtual gallery. You can refer people to this page, and even share a link in emails, on social media, on your own web site or on printed materials.


Using a virtual gallery to create additional content: The virtual exhibition will be released with a creative commons attribution-no-derivatives licence (CC-BY-ND). This means that you are allowed to take screenshots and record videos from the virtual gallery. These can then be shared and used for promotion, so long as you include the name of the creator (Curat10n) and do not edit the image. It can be used for commercial purposes, such as promotion.

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