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Download a virtual gallery for free and explore these 3D spaces

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The public projects on this page are freely available from Curat10n

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The Exhibition Quarter & White Space galleries are available for anyone to use

Public Exhibitions

Download a virtual gallery for PC or Mac

You can exlore our ready-made gallery spaces, including the Exhibition Quarter, White Space and Hive gallery. These are available for anyone to use as a cost-effective virtual exhibition space.

You can also download the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Open Art exhibitions. The first edition took place in 2017 and was shown in an Underground railway tunnel. In 2018, we went to the Moon. The most recent 2019 exhibition has brought together artists from 40 countries around the globe…showing their work on a 3D map of the world.

Moich Abrahams became the first artist to hold a solo exhibition on the Moon (virtually). This is a fun and light-hearted display of artwork spanning more than four decades. You can also explore the exhibition from the perspective of a flying UFO! The Hundred Years Summer 2019 exhibition has also been preserved as a community art project. This is available for free, and expands upon the selection of artwork shown in the real-world show. View images and download these virtual exhibitions below.

Summer 2019 Exhibition

Hundred Years Gallery

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Based in the London, we are able to offer face to face meetings and demonstrations in the UK.

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