Exhibit Artwork

Artists, curators, collectors, sellers and art groups – Create an interactive virtual exhibition that you can share worldwide.

Exhibit any picture

Show paintings, illustrations & photographs in high resolution and see every detail.

Display your artwork at its original scale, or present it at any size you wish.

Add a sleek frame or mount to your pictures, with a range of possible styles and finishes.

Play a short film, a recorded performance piece or an animated video on any canvas or wall.

Sculpture & Installation Art

Recreate a 3-dimensional artwork, or turn a concept into a (virtual) reality for the first time.

Art doesn’t need to be static – use sound, light, animation & user interaction as part of your artwork. 

The cost of reproducing a sculpture digitally depends on its complexity. A price will be quoted for each piece.

Create original 3D digital models – with realistic textures and materials. You could even sell it as a 3D print!

Explore an immersive exhibition now on your PC or Mac

Download and experience this virtual 3D gallery for free.

Just click the link to get started >>

Download for Windows

White Space Gallery: Demo exhibition (220MB download via WeTransfer)

Inform and inspire

Share information about each work of art and tell the story of the artist behind it.

Give your audience a deeper experience – introduce exhibits with an audio or video recording.

Provide information about the title, size, medium, provenance and history of each piece.

Allow users to continue their journey with links to external sites, social media or upcoming exhibition info.

Sell art online

Promote artists and artwork worldwide – then make easy & secure online sales through the virtual gallery.

Each artwork can be integrated with the Curat10n art Shop – viewers can make a purchase in just a few clicks.

We can also link each artwork with an external web page – for artists and sellers with their own store.

Every virtual exhibition gets its own web page, with artwork listings, information and download links.

Would you like to ask a question or make an enquiry?

Send an email to hello@curat10n.com or use the quick contact form >>

Interactive multi-media features

Give your audience an amazing immersive experience with music, video, lighting and sound design.

Create atmosphere with 3D sound design and effects – or let users change the music to fit their mood.

Project a video onto any surface & at any size – including 360-degree screens and heads-up displays.


Give your audience an audio intro to each artwork or a guided tour as they move through the gallery.


Exhibit & Share Worldwide

Virtual galleries are widely accessible & can be distributed anywhere in the world via the internet.

All our gallery apps are developed for PC and Mac. They can also be made for mobile and VR devices.

Exhibitions can be downloaded or shared via a USB stick – with no need for an internet connection. 


Many licensing options are possible. Monetize it through an app store, distribute it freely, or show it at events.  

Explore our ready-made virtual gallery spaces

A choice of flexible & cost-effective exhibition spaces>>

Virtual Exhibition Spaces

Our ready-made gallery spaces are a cost-effective option, or you can create something unique.

Virtual spaces are limitless. Any gallery can be reused, and the exhibition never needs to end.



Our existing gallery spaces include: The Moon Gallery, White Space, Underground & Hive (more soon).


Find out more about how you can design a new space or accurately recreate any real-world location.

Contact Curat10n

We create virtual galleries & exhibitions that will inspire, entertain and engage audiences. There are many possibilities when it comes to their features & applications.

Every exhibition we develop is custom made, depending on each client’s needs. Prices range from £600, for a modest exhibition in one of our existing virtual spaces, to £6000 for a unique, ambitious & feature-packed virtual gallery experience.

We offer free live demonstrations via Skype. This is the best way for us to show you the features and possible applications for a virtual exhibition.

Contact us to find out if a virtual gallery is right for you. Use this contact form to send us a quick message. Leave your phone number if you would like us to call you back. Or send us an email:  hello@curat10n.com.

Send Us A Quick Message

Which features of a virtual gallery are you most interested in?

Exhibit Artwork

Show artwork in an immersive 3D gallery. Present high-quality pictures, audio and video.

Cost-effective & permanent exhibitions that can be shared worldwide.

Create a Virtual Gallery

Design a unique virtual gallery space. Include multi-media and interactive features.

No limits on space, time or costs. If you can imagine it then we can make it.

Visualise a Real Space

Accurately recreate any real-world location, gallery or exhibition space in 3D.

Reuse it. Redesign it. Archive your shows. Use it to visualise, plan & curate exhibitions.

Featured Artist: Moich Abrahams’ New Solo Show in the Moon Gallery

View & download the first solo exhibition on the Moon >>

Explore the Moon Gallery

The Moon Gallery is a giant leap forward for Interactive Virtual Galleries. The world’s first art gallery on the Moon features space for 80-150 artworks in spectacular 3D environment.

View the Open Art 2018 Group Exhibition >>

View Moich Abraham’s Solo Exhibition >>

Explore the White Space Gallery

The White Space virtual gallery is a more familiar exhibition space, with modern architecture and a simple style. It’s a perfect size for solo or group exhibitions, with space for 20-40 pieces.

View a show of classic artwork in the White Space >>

Learn how to exhibit your work in the White Space >>

Buy original artwork & prints in the Curat10n Art Shop >>

Many of the artworks featured in our virtual exhibitions are for sale online.

Artists can list their work for free when exhibiting virtually. Find out more >>

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Interactive 3D apps for art, education & information.

4-3 Mondrian - virtual gallery - 3d immersive art exhibition and interactive artist visualisation - curat10n

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