Open Art 2018


“The Open Art project is a chance for emerging artists to be part of a new virtual exhibition – free to enter, free to share, open to all.”
Last year, the 2017 Open Art exhibition included over 100 pieces of artwork by 72 artists – with a virtually gallery set inside an underground train station. Twelve of these artists were invited to display their work in a gallery in London

The 2018 Open Art virtual exhibition will be taking place in the Sea of Tranquility – on the moon!

Imagine a gallery with walls carved out of white lunar rock and a view of planet Earth in the skies above.

Virtual exhibitions give artists an opportunity to share their work worldwide and in a unique and visually stunning setting. Artists will also be showcased as part of several real-world gallery exhibitions in Autumn 2018 (in the UK and beyond)

Shared Online & in Real-world Exhibitions

The artwork will be displayed in a spectacular 3D gallery that you can share with people around the globe. This virtual gallery will be available as a free downlaod for PC and Mac – along with videos and images that can be used to promote your work.

A series of real-world exhibitions will be held in gallery spaces and venues around the UK. These will show a smaller selection of the best artworks alongside the virtual gallery. All artists will be invited to these events.

Open Art 2018 Details


The fine art selection will include paintings, illustrations, sketches and other forms of 2-dimensional fine art. It may also include mixed-media artwork and sculptural images. There is no specific exhibition theme.



The photography selection will include all forms of photography and will be divided into edited and non-edited photographs. It may also include videos and animation. There is no specific exhibition theme.



The Open Art exhibition is for emerging artists, amateur artists, students & recent graduates. It is open to anybody who creates original artwork or photography, regardless of their level of experience or education. Artists may submit as many pieces of artwork as they wish. It is free to enter.


Please submit your artwork on the Curat10n web site or via our Facebook group or send it to us via email to When photographing your artwork make sure it is well lit and fits completely within the frame of the photo. Please submit each artwork seperately. All artwork remains the copyright property of the artist and will be attributed to them when shown publicly.

Enter your work on the Open Art submissions page.


Artwork will be selected based on artistic merit and public popularity: Half of the selection will be chosen by a judging panel of artists, photographers and curators. These judges will also select top winners in each medium. Half will be selected based on public reaction on social media: Likes & shares Artworks will be shared on the Open Art Facebook and Instagram pages.

Open Art 2018 Entry