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  • Contact Curation Exhibitions by filling in the enquiry form below, or email us at
  • If you would like to use one of our ready-made galleries, tell us which one you’re interested in and we can start setting things up.
  • If you want to recreate a real-world location you can include a link to photos or floor plans, or tell us a little about the virtually gallery space you want like to make. We can then give you a price quotation.
  • Contact us and ask for a phone or video call. We can can give demonstrations and guided tours of our software via Zoom.
  • We are happy to talk with prospective clients and to discuss new projects. There is no obligation to make a purchase. You can make the most of our design expertise before you make a decision.

General Enquiry Form

Virtual Gallery Options

Before you contact Curation Exhibitions there are a few questions that you might want to think about. Our virtual exhibition platform is very flexible and there are a lot features that you can take advantage of.

Consider the following options and decide what’s best for you. 


  • What virtual gallery space do you want to use?
  • Have you chosen a gallery from our selection of ready-made spaces?
  • Would you like to create a bespoke gallery?
  • If so, will it be modelled on a real location, or is it a brand new design?


  • What type of content do you want to include in your exhibition?
  • Are you only adding images/pictures to your exhibition?
  • Do you want to include videos and audio recordings?
  • Would you like to show 3D models, or 2D floating images (false-3D)?
  • Do you need any assistance with graphic design or with editing your content?


  • Are you only making one exhibition, or do you want to make regular updates to your virtual gallery?
  • Do you want to replace the current exhibition each time you update it, or or keep multiple exhibitions online at once?
  • If you want to make regular updates, have you looked at the subscription options to see which one suits your needs?
  • Do you want to take advantage of Curation’s design expertise and consultation? We can do all the design work for you and work according to your instructions.a


  • Would you like to publish your virtual gallery online and embed it on your web site?
  • Do you want your audience to download your virtual gallery for PC or Mac?
  • Are you intrested in creating an immersive experience for use on VR headsets?
  • Will your virtual gallery be used as part of live events, art fairs, display stands, or interactive installations?

Don’t worry if you are unsure of the answer to these questions. Contact us and we will talk you through your options. You can see our full range of services on our PRICES PAGE.


Winter Sale – 15% Off

If you would like to create your own gallery or curate an exhibition, there is currently 15% off. This offer applies to new projects and subscriptions confirmed before the end of February. Contact us for a quotation or to find out more.

The Development Process


The first thing we will do is set up your virtual gallery space.

If you are using a ready-made gallery then we will ask you to choose the materials used for the floor, walls, doors and other elements in the gallery. The amount of choice you have will depend on the gallery space and the type of subscription you have.

If you are creating a bespoke gallery then we will ask you to send any floor plans, measurements, photographs or inspiration images that will help us to create the 3D space. We will arrange a video call with you (and your team) to present our designs and to make decisions about the design of the virtual gallery.



We work closely with new clients to help set up their first exhibition.

If you are only producing one exhibition, or if you prefer to have a fully-managed gallery, then we will work with you throughout the whole development process.

If you have a subscription we will help you to prepare the first exhibition and then give you control of the online gallery management system (GMS) so that you can continue to manage your gallery and create new exhibitions.

You can add new images to your virtual gallery using the gallery management system (GMS). You will then be able to display these in your virtual gallery.

You will need to contact us when adding new videos, audio recordings and 3D models. This is to ensure that all multimedia and 3D content is correctly formatted and of a high quality. We will then add this content to your GMS archive and you will then be able to add it to future exhibitions.



When your first exhibition is ready to be published we will set up online streaming for your virtual gallery, and/or provide you with a link to download your virtual gallery.

If you wish to add your gallery to a web page (or multiple pages) we will send you a short snippet of HTML code. You can copy and paste this into your web site to create a streaming window. Your visitors will be able to interact with this and explore the virtual gallery. You can set the size of the streaming window, and your visitors can make it full-screen.

If you want to download your virtual gallery, we will send you a link to each version (Windows PC or Mac OS). You can then share links or files with your audience.

If you have a subscription and you are adding new videos, audio or 3D models, we can update your streaming code once per month, and provide a new download links once per month. These new versions will include the newly added content.



The time it takes to set up a new virtual gallery and exhibition will be different depending on the service you want.

If you are using a ready-made gallery space and only wish to include images in your exhibition, this can be completed in under 1 week.

If you are preparing a large amount of content, including videos, audio recordings and 3D models, we recommend at least 2 weeks to set this up.

The length of time taken to make your first exhibition is often dependent on the time it takes for you to make decisions. If you know exactly what you want and you have your content ready, everything can be completed quickly. If you prefer to take your time when making decisions, or if you need to gather and prepare your content, the process will take longer.

If you want to create a new gallery space it usually takes between 3 and 6 weeks. This depends on how large and complex the design is, and the amount of feedback and input you would like to have throughout the design process.


Copyright Responsibility

All artwork displayed in a virtual gallery remains the copyright property of the original artist. All artwork should be fully credited wherever possible. Gallery visitors will see the name and details of artworks as they view an exhibition.

You are responsible for ensuring that you have the legal right to display and share the artwork in your virtual gallery. This means that you should either be the copyright owner, or you should have the permission of the copyright owner. You are also allowed to display artwork with a Creative Commons license, or if it is in the public domain (or in accordance with it’s licensing terms).


Enquiries & Funding Applications

We can provide a price quotation for any project. Contact us to arrange a phone or video call, or send us further details about the virtual gallery you would like to produce.

We can give you a tour of some virtual galleries and a demonstration of our software. We can also deliver a short presentation to your colleagues or exhibition team and answer any questions you have.

If you are applying for project funding we can provide further materials to assist with your funding application.


Prices & FAQs

You can find more details about virtual gallery options and how much they cost on our PRICES PAGE.

If you have any questions, please send us an enquiry by email or using the form below. You can find answers to some common questions on our FAQ PAGE.

General Enquiry Form

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