We design and make interactive exhibitions and virtual galleries. The Curation Exhibitions platform allows visitors to explore realistic 3D spaces and to engage with any type of content in a flexible and compelling way. We work with all kinds of clients, including museums, gallery owners, businesses, universities, charities, curators and artists. Our service includes custom design, consultation and support …so if you need something made specifically for your needs, contact us today.

Our virtual galleries are designed to host any exhibition you can imagine. You can add images, videos, audio, and 3D models to your virtual gallery. You can also attach detailed information, or provide direct links to web pages, communication platforms or an online store.

There are many options available, with different levels of service, to suit any budget. Take a look around our site and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Fill in the form at the bottom of any page or email us at contact@curation-exhibitions.com

Curation Virtual Galleries


Choose from a range of virtual gallery spaces. We have a diverse selection of ready-made galleries in a variety of sizes and styles. The decor in each gallery can be customized and each space has been designed so that it can be used in a flexible way for any type of exhibition. These are divided into three price levels, to suit any exhibition, and any budget.


Create a bespoke gallery that is custom-made and unique to you. This could be based on a real location or a new design that meets your specific gallery needs and creative vision. We can recreate real gallery spaces, to-scale, based on floor plans and photographs. Or you can give us a design brief and we will come up with several design options for you to choose from.

A Choice of Beautiful and Functional Virtual Galleries

Visit the galleries page to find out about our selection of ready-made virtual spaces. Or read more about our bespoke gallery design services.

View Our Public Exhibitions

You can download the Curation Exhibitions app or stream it in your web browser. There is a selection of demo exhibitions and public galleries for you to explore for free. This includes many of our ready-made gallery spaces, so you can see what they look like and interact with the exhibits on display.

Explore Some Virtual Exhibitions

Go to the public exhibitions page to start using the Curation Exhibitions platform. Take a look at some examples of what you can do with your interactive 3D gallery.

Winter Sale – 15% Off

If you would like to create your own gallery or curate an exhibition, there is currently 15% off. This offer applies to new projects and subscriptions confirmed before the end of February. Contact us for a quotation or to find out more.


VIRTUAL GALLERIES – FUNCTIONAL & ELEGANT. Beautiful exhibition spaces ready to be filled with artworks, artifacts and informative content. EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, ALL IN ONE PLACE. Add any type of content to a virtual gallery: Images, videos, audio, 3D models. Attach further information to each exhibit, giving audiences access links, further insights, or an online store. UNLIMITED CAPACITY, ACCESSIBLE WORLDWIDE, ANY TIME. Feature a virtual gallery on your web page. Build audiences with a downloadable app. Host live events with immersive VR or interactive installations. FOR ANY CREATIVE VISION. Fully customized virtual galleries and bespoke exhibition design. Take control of your gallery with our easy-to-use management system. Or let us do all the work with our fully-managed service. SEE FOR YOURSELF. Click here to look around our virtual galleries, or click here to learn about our free demo.

Enter Open Art 2024

Open Art is a free community art project, open to people from around the world. This year’s open exhibition is all about collaboration between artists, curators and creators. We are now accepting submissions.  Visit the Open Art event page to find out more.

Try a Demo Exhibition

See how easy it is to make your own interactive 3D exhibition. Choose from a selection of classic artworks, videos, and 3D models. Choose different framing and lighting styles for each piece. Move your exhibits around the gallery space in seconds.

Request a Free Demo

Contact us to start making your first exhibition for free. We will send you a link to a private demo gallery and you can try it for yourself. Find our more about the demo here.

Current Events & Featured Articles

Open Art Event – Enter Now

We invite you to curate a new exhibition, for your chance to receive a free virtual gallery for a month.
The current edition of Open Art is all about collaboration.
Your exhibition proposal should feature work from at least two artists and include between 6 and 16 pieces (images/videos/audio/3D).

“State of the Art” Blog

This is our blog section, featuring articles about new trends and developments in the arts and exhibitions industry.

Read about Curation Exhibitions features and the latest software updates.

Find out about new public galleries, open exhibitions and other opportunities.

Open the Door to a Curation Virtual Gallery

  • Get started by filling in the enquiry form below, or email us at contact@curation-exhibitions.com
  • If you would like to use one of our ready-made galleries, tell us which one you’re interested in and we can start setting things up.
  • If you want to recreate a real-world location you can include a link to photos or floor plans, or tell us a little about the virtually gallery space you want like to make. We can then give you a price quotation.
  • Or simply get in touch and we’ll arrange to speak to you by phone or video call.
  • We are happy to talk with prospective clients and to discuss new projects. There is no obligation to make a purchase. Make the most of our exhibition design expertise before you make a decision.

General Enquiry Form

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