We create virtual art galleries & immersive 3D exhibitions


Exhibit Artwork

Show artwork in an immersive 3D gallery. Present high-quality pictures, audio and video.

Cost-effective & permanent exhibitions that can be shared worldwide.

Create a Virtual Gallery

Design a unique virtual gallery space. Include multi-media and interactive features.

No limits on space, time or costs. If you can imagine it then we can make it.

Visualise a Real Space

Accurately recreate any real-world location, gallery or exhibition space in 3D.

Reuse it. Redesign it. Archive your shows. Use it to visualise, plan & curate exhibitions.

Explore our ready-made virtual gallery spaces

A choice of flexible & cost-effective exhibition spaces>>

Featured Artist: Moich Abrahams’ New Solo Show in the Moon Gallery

View & download the first solo exhibition on the Moon >>

Open Call for Artists : Now taking entries for the Open Art Exhibition

Exhibit your artwork globally, in a virtual gallery & real-world exhibition.

This international art project is free to enter, free to share & open to all >>

Curation Art Shop

You can purchase original artworks and prints that are on show in a virtual exhibitions.

Whilst exploring a virtual gallery you can add artwork to your online shopping cart by pressing ‘ENTER’ when looking at a particular piece.

You can also browse all prints and originals here on the Curat10n web site.

Contact Curat10n

We create virtual galleries & exhibitions that will inspire, entertain and engage audiences. There are many possibilities when it comes to their features & applications.

Every exhibition we develop is custom made, depending on each client’s needs. Prices range from £600, for a modest exhibition in one of our existing virtual spaces, to £6000 for a unique, ambitious & feature-packed virtual gallery experience.

We offer free live demonstrations via Skype. This is the best way for us to show you the features and possible applications for a virtual exhibition.

Contact us to find out if a virtual gallery is right for you. Use this contact form to send us a quick message. Leave your phone number if you would like us to call you back. Or send us an email:  hello@curat10n.com.

Send Us A Quick Message

Which features of a virtual gallery are you most interested in?

Buy original artwork & prints in the Curat10n Art Shop >>

Many of the artworks featured in our virtual exhibitions are for sale online.

Artists can list their work for free when exhibiting virtually. Find out more >>

Explore the Moon Gallery

The Moon Gallery is a giant leap forward for Interactive Virtual Galleries. The world’s first art gallery on the Moon features space for 80-150 artworks in spectacular 3D environment.

View the Open Art 2018 Group Exhibition >>

View Moich Abraham’s Solo Exhibition >>

Explore the White Space Gallery

The White Space virtual gallery is a more familiar exhibition space, with modern architecture and a simple style. It’s a perfect size for solo or group exhibitions, with space for 20-40 pieces.

View a show of classic artwork in the White Space >>

Learn how to exhibit your work in the White Space >>

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