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The Curat10n platform is a virtual exhibition space where anything is possible! Work with us to create virtual exhibitions that are flexible, accessible, easy-to-use, informative, timeless & beautiful.

We design and develop interactive software for galleries, museums, educators, charities & artists. You can share your virtual exhibition with people anywhere in the world. The show doesn’t need to end and anything can be included. Every project is custom-made to suit each client’s needs. You will receive your own unique exhibition app, featuring your chosen selection of artwork, in a 3D virtual space of your choice. We can re-create any real location, or you can use one of our ready-made gallery spaces.

Beautiful Virtual Exhibitions

Global, Accessible, Timeless & Custom-made

Virtual galleries can be shared worldwide and there is no time limit. They can be added to any web site, either as a downloadable app or embedded in a web browser. There’s no closing time, and no need to take your exhibition down. We provide full consultation and support throughout the development and design process.

Our platform can be used for far more than just exhibitions. Create interactive experiences and unique content for online marketing campaigns, or for attention grabbing real-world events. Contact us to arrange a video call and find out what’s possible.

You can find more information below, or via the menu. If you are new to virtual exhibitions, then this video about virtual spaces is a good place to start…

Video: Introduction to Virtual Spaces

Explore the White Space Gallery

Take a look around this exhibition of classic fine art from famous artists including Van Gough, Klimt, Dali, Kandinsky, Da Vinci, Hopper & Hokusai.

Try the Curation Exhibition Editor for free

Curate your own exhibition in the “Workshop” virtual gallery.

Use our real-time editing software to design your own exhibition with a collection of 100 classic artworks, including famous artists such as Klimt, Van Gough, Mondrian, Da Vinci, Turner, Dali, Kandinsky, and more…

Video: Curation Exhibition Editor

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The advantages of a virtual exhibition

1. Curation, planning, design & visualization

Our software is powerful, flexible & easy to use. Curate, plan and visualize exhibitions in 3D. Recreate any real-world space and design shows in real-time.

2. Promotion, marketing & content creation

Create high-quality marketing content easily. Take screenshots & record or live-stream videos. Promote artists & upcoming shows with a virtual exhibition.

3. Live events & immersive installations

Create spectacular live event visuals & interactive installations. Expand a real-world show or art fair, deliver presentations & explore creative ideas.

4. Worldwide exhibitions with no time limits

Share interactive exhibitions & virtual galleries worldwide. Reach global audiences, make sales, produce shows that are permanent, limitless & accessible.

5. Archiving, organising & digitizing collections

Digitize & visualize artwork: Including images, sculpture, video recordings and information databases. Archive, preserve and search collections in 3D.

“We’ve been bowled over by the reception for this year’s Wildlife Artist of the Year virtual exhibition and we’ve already processed over 60 orders for original artworks in just the first few days. On behalf of the DSWF team I want to say a huge thank you for Curat10n’s work on this year’s exhibition.”

– Fundraising and Events Manager, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

This. Looks. So. DOPE! Wow it came out incredibly well, seriously fantastic job to you and your team!

– Students’ Union President, Wilfrid Laurier University

Testimonials & Reviews

Learn About our Clients & Previous Projects

Our clients include ACA Galleries (New York), UNESCO RILA Artists, Willumsens Museum (Copenhagen), J Paul Getty Trust (Los Angeles), European Commission MSCA (EU), University of St Andrews (Scotland), Big Local Impact (charity, UK), Poznan University of Arts (Poland), Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada), STAND (charity, Ireland), Falmouth University (UK), Miller Art Museum (USA), Maddox Gallery (London), Remembering Srebrenica (charity, UK)…among others.

About the Open Art Virtual Festival

Find out more about this year’s Open Art exhibition here…

The virtual festival is currently in development and will be released in September 2021. It will be free for visitors from around the world to explore the exhibition online. Follow the link to read all about it, or to enter your own artwork…

View some of our public exhibitions

Many of our interactive exhibitions are free to view. Others may be available as a video tour or an image gallery.

Our clients are in control over who can visit their exhibition. Some are on display for a temporary period, others are kept online indefinetely. Some are only accessible to invited guests, others are open to all. Take a look through our exhibition portfolio to see some examples.

Here’s a small selection of recent exhibitions

You can find many more on the Public Exhibitions page

Real Dads Network

Expressions of Black Fatherhood

Miller Art Museum, Wisconsin

47th Annual Salon of High School Art

ACA Galleries, New York

A Black Perspective

We are Using our Platform to Promote Real Exhibitions, Venues & Events

We have just released the 1st Edition of a new interactive arts platform for London and beyond. These cutting-edge maps have been created in collaboration with our sister company “Informat1on”.

You can explore arts and cultural venues across London on an interactive 3D map, and from a human perspective. Get involved and add your venue or event to the map, or take it one step further and commission a new map for your area.

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