Virtual Exhibitions

On this page you can download or stream the Curation Exhibitions app and explore some galleries.

There are currently public exhibitions on display in the Light Box, Jewel, White Space, Little Gem & Chambers Galleries (among others).

Please note: Most of our clients receive a custom-made Curation app that they can choose to share on their web site, social media or via their own communciations. This means that most of our portofilo of work is not shown on this web site. The demo exhibitions on this page are a demonstration of our software platform and the virtual gallery spaces that you can use.

Explore Curation Exhibitions

Download the Curation Exhibitions app for Windows PC or Mac OS by completing the form below.

Download Curation Exhibitions for PC

Download Curation Exhibitions for Mac OS

You can stream these virtual galleries in your web browser (without downloading). Click the link below to go to the streaming page and start exploring now.

Stream Curation Exhibitions in Your Web Browser

If you are using a mobile device or if you don’t want to download the app, you can follow this link and explore our virtual galleries on the web.

Public Galleries & Virtual Exhibitions

This version of our software includes a collection of publicly available, free-to-access exhibitions. You can explore a selection of 3D virtual galleries and view some interactive exhibitons now.

You can also access private exhibitions using this software if you have a Gallery ID and Password. You may be given these details by someone who has created and shared their own exhibition. Most of our clients will distribute their version of the Curation Exhibitons app via their own web site.

Manage your Own Virtual Gallery

The Curation Exhibion app on this page is not the same as you would receive as a client. Our exhibition clients receive a personalized version of the app that focuses on their own virtual gallery. This means that  your visitors will begin their experience in your private gallery and will only see the exhibitons that you wish to present. They will be able to access it from your own web site, or via any other online platform where you choose to share the link. 

Private Galleries & Archived Exhibitions

View a collection of older exhibitions and virtual galleries that are no longer online (except perhaps via their owners’ site).

Enter Open Art

Open Art is a community art project open to people from around the world. The current edition of Open Art is all about collaboration between artists, curators and creators. We are now accepting submissions. Visit the Open Art page to find out more.

Winter Sale – 15% Off

If you would like to create your own gallery or curate an exhibition, there is currently 15% off. This offer applies to new projects and subscriptions confirmed before the end of February. Contact us for a quotation or to find out more.

Start Designing your Own Virtual Exhibition

  • Get started by filling in the enquiry form below, or email us at
  • If you would like to use one of our ready-made galleries, tell us which space you’re interested in and we can start setting things up.
  • If you want to recreate a real-world location you can send us a link or pictures, or tell us a little about the virtually gallery space you want like to make. We can then give you a quotation for the price.
  • Contact us if you have any questions or if you woudl like to speak to us by phone or video call.
  • We are happy to talk with prospective clients and to talk about new projects. There is no obligation to make a purchase. Make the most of our exhibition design expertise before you make a decision.

General Enquiry Form

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