Curation Virtual Galleries

There are 3 options when it comes to choosing a virtual gallery space…

  • Use one of our ready-made virtual galleries
  • Re-create any real space or location
  • Design an original & bespoke gallery space

We have five ready-made virtual galleries available. These are the most cost-effective way to create a virtual exhibition. You can also choose to re-create a real location, or design a new gallery space. Each virtual exhibition is custom made & we provide support throughout the design and development process.

Video: Introduction to Virtual Gallery Spaces

Choosing a Virtual Gallery

Amost anything is possible in the virtual world.

The starting point for any exhibition is the architecture and design of the gallery itself. Virtual spaces offer many creative opportunities which wouldn’t be possible in the real world. The most obvious advantage is that these spaces aren’t real, so there are no limits on space and time. Exhibitions don’t need to have a closing time, and they don’t need to be taken down. This means that you build an archive of your exhibitions, and you can make these accessible to audiences around the world. Accessibility and global reach is a big opportunity when doing things virtually.

Choose a ready-made gallery space, recreate a real location, or create something new.

Ready-made Exhibition Spaces

Choose the Mezzanine Gallery, Workshop, White Space, Exhibition Quarter, or Hive.

The first option is to use one of our ready-made exhibition spaces. We have several virtual galleries of different sizes and styles. Your choise really depends how you want to use the space, and there is no need to use all of it. It’s possible to restrict access to particular rooms and areas of each gallery, depending on how much space you need. Contact us for a live demonstration and a virtual tour of our galleries. If you use one of these ready-made spaces you still have the option of making changes. For example, you could paint the walls a different colour or select some furniture for your gallery.

Take a look around some of our ready-made galleries below >>

Re-create a real space

We can create an accurate scale model of any location

The second option is to recreate a real space. We can use floor plans, architectural drawings and photographs to create an accurate scale model of any location. This includes realistic flooring, lighting, furniture & fittings. We do not need to visit the space in-person, but we can visit you to take measurements and photographs if necessary. The cost will depend on the level of detail that’s required and we will provide consultation and support throughout the deign process. The virtual space that we create will be exclusive to you and you will then be able to re-use your virtual gallery for multiple exhibitions, at no extra cost.​

Explore some of the real-world locations that we’ve recreated below >>

Design a new virtual space

Get creative & work with us to make something unique.

The final option is to design something completely original. You might want to come up with your own architectural designs, or even create a fantasy world based on a painting, a movie or a real world location. We get really excited about these kinds of projects, so if you have a unique vision, we can help you make it into a virtual reality. You can of course blend reality with imagination. For example, you might want to recreate a real gallery space, and then modify it or add new areas to explore. There aren’t many rules in the virtual world, so you can be as creative as you want to be.

Contact us to find out more and to discuss your vision:

Check out some of our creative virtual worlds below >>

Curation Ready-made Galleries

These include the Mezzanine, Workshop, White Space, Exhibition Quarter and Hive. You have the option of changing the walls, floors and furniture in each space.

The Mezzanine Gallery

Our largest ready-made space, with space for exhibitions of up to 300 pieces. It has 6 distinct areas, and each one can be used to host smaller exhibitions of any size.

The Workshop Gallery

A flexible gallery space with moveable internal walls. You can choose how to divide the space. Add a stage, catwalk, plinths or other furniture. Suitable for between 30 and 100 pieces.

The White Space

Our smallest ready-made space, with a contemporary and minimalist style. Suitable for between 30 and 80 pieces. Several distinct areas, with a balcony and a simple layout.

Recreations of Real Locations

We can accurately recreate any real world space or location, using floor plans and photographs.

Willumsens Museum, Copenhagen

Click the image above to see the virtual gallery, or click the following link to visit the Willumsens Museum home page >>

ACA Galleries, New York

Click the image above to see the virtual gallery, or click the following link to visit the ACA Galleries home page >>

Miller Art Museum, Wisconsin

Click the image above to see the virtual gallery, or click the following link to visit the Miller Art Museum home page >>

Custom-made Virtual Spaces

Turn your creative vision into a virtual reality. Collaborate with us to make something unique.

moich abrahams virtual moon exhibition gallery curat10n 1

The Moon Gallery

In 2018 we helped to put the first artists on the Moon! (well…kind of). Inspired by sci-fi architecture and alien forms, this space was created for the Open Art 2018 community exhibition.

Carpet Pages 3 – “Pixels”

A highly-stylised exhibition space, featuring Middle-Eastern adobe architecture in the middle of a desolate desert landscape. The sun oves across the sky as shadows dance across the floor.

Willumsens Museum – “Feel the Soul?” Exhibition

A remix of a real location, with creative ideas that wouldn’t be possible in the real world. Featuring a huge sculpture by Ugo Rondinone and full-wall colourscapes throught the gallery.

“We’ve been bowled over by the reception for this year’s Wildlife Artist of the Year virtual exhibition and we’ve already processed over 60 orders for original artworks in just the first few days. On behalf of the DSWF team I want to say a huge thank you for Curat10n’s work on this year’s exhibition.”

– Fundraising and Events Manager, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

This. Looks. So. DOPE! Wow it came out incredibly well, seriously fantastic job to you and your team!

– Students’ Union President, Wilfrid Laurier University

Testimonials & Reviews

Learn About our Clients & Previous Projects

Our clients include ACA Galleries (New York), UNESCO RILA Artists, Willumsens Museum (Copenhagen), J Paul Getty Trust (Los Angeles), European Commission MSCA (EU), University of St Andrews (Scotland), Big Local Impact (charity, UK), Poznan University of Arts (Poland), Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada), STAND (charity, Ireland), Falmouth University (UK), Miller Art Museum (USA), Maddox Gallery (London), Remembering Srebrenica (charity, UK)…among others.

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