Charity and Education Discount

A virtual gallery can be a powerful tool for communicating with a large audience, or for presenting information in an engaging, fun and motivational way. It would be great to see virtual exhibitions being used more often by non-profit organizations and for educational purposes.

We are therefore offering a 15% discount to organizations and individuals who want to create a virtual exhibition for this purpose.

Here are some examples of the types of projects that may be eligible for a 15% discount:

  • Non-profit and charitable organizations who want to share information about their work and the causes they support
  • Schools and universities who want to showcase their students’ artwork
  • Students who are working on a creative or interactive project as part of their studies
  • People who are using interactive and immersive media to inform or educate their audience
  • Preserving and archiving real-world exhibitions that also fit these criteria

Please contact us to find out if you are eligible for this discount and to learn more about our virtual gallery services.


Open Art Event – Enter Now

We invite you to curate a new exhibition, for your chance to receive a free virtual gallery for a month.
The current edition of Open Art is all about collaboration.
Your exhibition proposal should feature work from at least two artists and include between 6 and 16 pieces (images/videos/audio/3D).

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