London Arts Map

Putting London’s creativity and culture on the map

Introducing the London Arts Map

The 1st Edition of a new interactive arts platform for London and beyond

July 2021

The London Arts Map is an interactive 3D map of central London. It features arts and cultural venues from one the world’s most creative and exciting cities. It also shows information about local transport networks and provides a unique way of exploring the streets of London from anywhere in the world.

New Editions of the map will be released monthly.

It is currently in development and will be improved over the coming months. We welcome your feedback and hope that the local community will get involved to help put London’s amazing creativity on show for the world to see. You can find a list of planned new features at the bottom of this page. You can also join our mailing list or follow us online to find out about new editions and updates.

Explore the London Arts Map below.

Click the play button below to begin…

You can click the full-screen button (bottom right) before pressing play to view the map at maximum size

Video tour – London Arts Map, 1st Edition July 2021

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Be Part of the Arts Map

The Arts Map is designed to serve London’s thriving community of artists, performers, events organisers and venues. The pandemic has hit the industry hard. We want to help local venues to succeed so that London remains one of the most diverse and creative cities on the planet. You can help us make it better.

Contact us if you want to give feedback, or if you think we have missed something. We want to add more venues and events to the map.

Venues and event organisers can become a sponsor. We offer several sponsorship packages with a range of options to make your arts organisation stand out!

New Features & Updates Coming in the August Edition

  • Music Venues – Find live gigs & musical performances in London
  • Current & upcoming events – See what events are on at each venue…and what new events are coming soon
  • Search – Easily find the venue you’re looking for and highlight it on the map
  • Teleport – Quickly warp to any borough or area or of London
  • Venue Categories – Choose which types of venues are shown on the map
  • More more more – More venues, more events, more useful information

More new features coming soon

  • Performance Venues – Including comedy, dance, spoken word & festivals
  • Featured Venues & Events – Venues can work with us to stand out on the map
  • Virtual Events – Watch performances and explore exhibitions via the Arts Map
  • Street Art – A virtual exhibition on the streets of London
  • Improved UI – We will be constantly improving the map and how it works
  • Gameplay – Fun challenges & tasks to encourage exploration
  • Videos & Music Recordings  – Get a taste of what’s on at each venue or event
  • Audio Guides – Listen to introductions from venues, curators and artists

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