New Features – Spring 2024

We have just updated the Curation Exhibitions software.

This update includes:

  • Support for subtitles on all videos and audio recordings.
  • Quick-scrolling between related exhibits: This new feature allows visitors to move from one exhibit to the next in a pre-determined order. For example, all of the exhibits in a room can be grouped, allowing visitors to scroll through each of them with just one click. This is like moving through the pages of a slide show, except in an immersive 3D space
  • Several improvements to the user interface, with the aim of making it more user-friendly and intutitive.
  • Optimized performance to improve loading times and reliability for users who download the Curation Exhibitions platform.
  • New features and improvements that are part of the online Gallery Management System.

If you have downloaded the Curation Exhibitions platform before the release of this new update, you can continue to use it. However it will not include the new features and it will not be updated with new public exhibitions from this date forward. You can download the latest version of the Curation Exhibitions software from the Public Exhibitions page.

This update does not affect virtual galleries that have been custom-made for our clients. New features added during this update will be available to all new clients and for all new exhibition projects from this day forward.


Features to look out for in the next update:

Multi-language support: The Curation Exhibitions platform will allow visitors to choose their preferred language. This will bring changes to the user interface and will allow exhibition designers to show information about exhibits in more than one language. We will be adding Spanish and French language support initially, with more languages to be added in the future.

Area triggered audio: Each room or area in a gallery can be assigned an audio recording. This means that audio guides, audio installations or music can start to play automatically when visitors enter a new area. This adds a new way of triggering audio, which is currently only possible when entering a new virtual gallery, or when interacting with an exhibit.


Open Art Event – Enter Now

We invite you to curate a new exhibition, for your chance to receive a free virtual gallery for a month.
The current edition of Open Art is all about collaboration.
Your exhibition proposal should feature work from at least two artists and include between 6 and 16 pieces (images/videos/audio/3D).

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