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The Open Art project is a chance for emerging artists to be part of a stunning new virtual exhibition. This virtual exhibition features 60 artists from around the world. It showcases a diverse selection of fine art, illustration, video work and photography in a gallery space that is literally out of this world!

The Moon Gallery is home to a 3-storey building with panoramic views of the surrounding crater and mountains. As you step outside you are free to follow your own path through the trenches and quarries that have been dug into the Moon’s surface.

On this page you can see a video tour of the virtual gallery. You will also find a download link, so you can expore the virtual gallery on PC or Mac.

We are also running a competition and giving away some free exhibition spaces in an upcoming group show. You can find details of the “Flat Moon Theory” competition below.

Some of the artwork featured in Open Art 2018 is also for sale. You can view and purchase artwork through the Art Shop and on this page.


Video Tour: Artwork

Video Tour: Features

Download Open Art 2018 for PC

Download Open Art 2018 for Mac

“Flat Moon Theory” – Virtual Gallery Competition

Your Mission:

Find the Moon’s mysterious markings

Your Prize:

The first 5 people to find the Moon markings will get a free art space in the next “White Space” group exhibition. Details of the prize can be found here: “White Space Gallery – Shared exhibition Space”


“There’s a rumour going around that the Moon was created by humans! If this is true then surely the architect would want to sign their work. One guy claims to have seen some strange shapes when he went for a walk in the mountains. Apparently it’s only 5 minutes away…but he didn’t want to get too close in case he fell off the edge! Sounds like crazy talk to me…but maybe there’s something to it.”

The Moon is a big place, so here are some clues to help you in your search. The title of this challenge is also a bit of a hint.

Clue 1: When it seems like you’re trapped, try looking for a new perspective. It might give you a bit of a lift.

Clue 2: Artists usually sign their work in the corner, and they probably want it to be seen by as many people as possible.

How to enter:

To claim your prize, send an email to and tell us what the Moon markings say.

Open Art 2018: Image Gallery

This is a selection of images from the Open Art 2018 exhibition in the Moon virtual gallery. Click any image to zoom in and see a full-screen slide show.

Artists: Show & Sell your artwork

Show your artwork in the “Moon” or “White Space” shared virtual exhibition – from only £20 per piece.

Any artwork shown in a virtual gallery can be listed in the Curat10n art shop for free. You can sell original artwork or prints of any size with a low sales commission of 15%.

Contact Curat10n

Interactive galleries are perfect for exhibitions that will inspire, entertain and engage audiences. There are many possibilities when it comes to their features & applications. Our design & development services are custom made for every client. Once we know what you want, we can discuss your options and give advice. Together we will decide on the design brief for your project. We can then give you a time scale for its development (usually 2-8 weeks) and give you a quote for it’s price.

Contact our team to find out more about your virtual gallery options and get answers to any questions you have. You can use the contact form or send us a direct email to

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Virtual Exhibitions

  • Create any gallery space imaginable
  • Easily share artwork worldwide
  • Show interactive artist information
  • Permanent access & archiving of shows
  • Cost-effective and flexible exhibitions

Selling Artwork

  • Link exhibitions with your online store
  • Buyers can visualise artwork to-scale
  • Artist information & provenance
  • Sell through the Curat10n art shop
  • Data & insights on sales and views

Exhibition Planning

  • Live visualizations & presentations
  • Interactive installations and events
  • Attention grabbing projection visuals
  • Efficient use of space at art fairs
  • VR & projection for immersive events

Live Interactive Events

  • Visualize exhibitions during planning
  • Easily select and move artwork in 3D
  • Save on planning costs & logistics
  • Professional consultation and support
  • In-house Training for curators

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Exhibit and sell artwork in our next "White Space" group exhibition. From £20 per piece, including optional art shop listing. Released in January - it's a great Christmas gift for artists. Dismiss

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