Open Art 2018 – Moon Gallery


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The Open Art project is a chance for emerging artists to be part of a stunning new virtual exhibition. This virtual exhibition features 60 artists from around the world. It showcases a diverse selection of fine art, illustration, video work and photography in a gallery space that is literally out of this world!

The Moon Gallery is home to a 3-storey building with panoramic views of the surrounding crater and mountains. As you step outside you are free to take your own path through the outdoor landscape of the Moon. You will find fine art, photography and animation, with over 140 pieces featured in the exhibition.

Virtual Gallery Free Download

You can download and explore this interactive exhibition for free by clicking on the link below.

After clicking the download link you will be redirected to our WeTransfer download page. Here, you can securely download the virtual gallery application to your computer.

If you have any problems, you can send a message to

Download Open Art 2018 for PC

Download Open Art 2018 for Mac

Video Tour

Open Art 2018: Artwork Listings

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More listings available in the Art Shop >>

Open Call for Artists : Now taking entries for the Open Art Exhibition

Exhibit your artwork globally, in a virtual gallery & real-world exhibition.

This international art project is free to enter, free to share & open to all >>

Featured Artist: Moich Abrahams’ New Solo Show in the Moon Gallery

View & download the first solo exhibition on the Moon >>

Buy original artwork & prints in the Curat10n Art Shop >>

Many of the artworks featured in our virtual exhibitions are for sale online.

Artists can list their work for free when exhibiting virtually. Find out more >>

Exhibit Artwork

Show artwork in an immersive 3D gallery. Present high-quality pictures, audio and video.

Cost-effective & permanent exhibitions that can be shared worldwide.

Create a Virtual Gallery

Design a unique virtual gallery space. Include multi-media and interactive features.

No limits on space, time or costs. If you can imagine it then we can make it.

Visualise a Real Space

Accurately recreate any real-world location, gallery or exhibition space in 3D.

Reuse it. Redesign it. Archive your shows. Use it to visualise, plan & curate exhibitions.

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