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The White Space virtual gallery is a bright modern exhibition space with big white walls. It’s clean architecture and simple layout make it incredibly user-friendly. 

It’s a perfect size for solo or group exhibitions, with space for 20-40 pieces of art. It can be used to show any type of artwork. Flat images, such as paintings or photography can be shown on a canvas of any size. Video projections and screens can be added to any wall. 3D scultures and installations can also be created.

As you explore the gallery you can see information about every piece of art, simply by looking at it. There’s also a simple  sountrack so that you can listen to your choice of music as you look around.

On this page you can download the demo exhibition in the White Space virtual gallery. This is an interactive application that you can download for free. Just click the link below to epxlore a this immersive exhibition. 

You can also find a video tour of the gallery below. This explains all of the features of a virtual gallery, and the options that are available to artists, curators and exhibitors. The artwork in this exhibition is not for sale, but it has been integrated with our online shop so that you can see how esay it is to buy & sell artwork though the app. 

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Virtual Gallery Free Download

You can download and explore this interactive exhibition for free by clicking on the link.

After clicking the download link you will be redirected to our WeTransfer download page. Here, you can securely download the virtual gallery application to your computer.

Click on the “Instructions” images below for more detailed instructions.

If you have any problems, you can send a message to

Download for Windows (64-bit)

220 MB download via WeTransfer (about 1 to 5 minutes to download)

Video Tour

Artwork for Sale – Originals & Prints (for demonstration only)

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