Open Art 2019

A cutting-edge community art project featuring artists from around the world

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Featuring over 150 artists

Fine art, photography, filmmaking, animation and performance pieces

Open Art 2019


Virtual Exhibition: Explore art around the world

This is a unique global art project featuring artists working in more than 40 countries. The goal of the project is to improve access to art and to provide new opportunities for artists. The exhibition features fine art, photography, performance, filmmaking, sound recording, sculpture and many forms of artistic media.


Open Art 2019 Exhibition – Video

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Exhibition Catalogue: Featured Artists

This exhibition features artwork by more than 150 artists from around the world. Each piece has its own unique ID number. You can use this number to find an artwork and instantly teleport to its location in the exhibition. Open the link below to see all of the artists invovled.

View a list of all the artists featured in the Open Art 2019 exhibition

Open Art 2019 Exhibition – Featured Artists

Open Art 2019 Exhibition – Featured Artists

Open Art 2019 Exhibition – Featured Artists

 The future of the Open Art project


Open Art 2019 will be organising workshops and pop-up exhibitions in the coming months and into 2020. Sign up to receive our newsletter and find out about it first.

We also have an exciting new project starting in 2020. It will be a combination of art and science…on the topic of climate change and the effect that humans are having on the planet. The title of our next artistic project will be “Human/Nature”. It will include an open call for fine artists, photographers, filmmakers, graphic artists and also unconventional forms of creative expression, such as screenshotting and memes.

  • Photography & film – Documenting changes in nature and the environment
  • Fine art/illustration – Creative expressions on the theme of environmental change
  • Graphics – Modern media, visual humour, animation, messages and memes

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We are available 24/7 and can work with artists, galleries and curators from around the world.

Based in the London, we are able to offer face to face meetings and demonstrations in the UK.

We also offer live demonstrations via Skype.

Further details can be found on our contact page >>

4-3 Mondrian - virtual gallery - 3d immersive art exhibition and interactive artist visualisation - curat10n

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