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Working Title gallery: The Benefits of using a Virtual Exhibition Space

The Working Title gallery wanted to find out more about virtual exhibitions. They contacted Curat10n via email and arranged a live demonstration. We sent them some details about the available options, and an estimated price for each service. They then spoke to us via video call and told us about their gallery and what they were hoping to do. We then demonstrated a selection of virtual galleries. This included software for exhibition planning, interactive installations and archiving. After we answered their questions and explained the possibilities, they decided to commission a new 3D space, modelled on their gallery.

We arranged a time and date for us to visit their gallery space. It took about 2 hours to measure and photograph the space, using laser measuring devices for speed, accuracy and convenience. This information was then used to create an accurate 3D model, including replication of flooring and finishing materials. Their priority was to prepare for an upcoming exhibition, so they sent us photographs of 40 pieces that they might want to include in the selection. They had prepared high-quality, cropped photographs, so they did not need our advanced Photoshop editing (optional). They also sent us information about each piece, making it easier for them to archive and search each piece in their collection.

The new 3D gallery space and their collection of artworks were packaged using our exhibition editing software. The curators and gallery owners were all using PCs, so we sent them the PC version of the software (Mac is also available). They were then able to experiment with artwork selections, positions and display styles. None of the team required any additional training or previous design experience. The curators needed to consult with artists and gallery executives worldwide. They used the software to take screenshots and record videos of their exhibition designs, allowing them to make easy decisions. They saved time, effort and money, without needing to move any artwork around or ship pieces to the gallery.

After deciding on the final exhibition selection, they were able to send images and measurements to the gallery installation team. This made it possible to quickly measure and mark out positions for hanging the artwork. They also recorded video tours of the exhibition and used them as part of their marketing campaigns. High-quality 2D images were produced, by simply taking screenshots as they explored the virtual gallery. The gallery team were able to quickly create original content to promote the exhibition and artists online.

As part of the real-world exhibition, the gallery decided to set up an interactive installation, allowing visitors to explore a wider selection of artwork. Some of the artists’ work couldn’t fit inside the real exhibition space, so we were able to edit the 3D model and add another room, expanding it beyond reality. This added extra space and value to the show and also gave visitors a memorable interactive experience. Gallery visitors were also able to purchase an exhibition catalogue, which included a download link for the virtual exhibition. They also had the option of taking it home on a branded USB stick, making it even easier to use. After the exhibition had finished, the gallery had a permanent and shareable archive of the exhibition. They could distribute this to artists, curators, investors, art dealers and art lovers, giving them many options for adding value to their creative and cultural output.

The Working Title gallery now have an accurate recreation of their gallery space. They are able to re-use it endlessly, and to add more artworks to their collection. For each exhibition they send us a selection of artwork, which we add to their software package. They now have an incredibly cost-effective way of visualizing all their future exhibitions, and also permanently archiving artworks and shows. They can also easily produce promotional materials, interactive exhibitions and distribute their output worldwide. Curat10n have also integrated some of their virtual exhibitions with an online store. This allows visitors worldwide to add original artworks and prints to an online basket and make secure purchases. Viewers are also able to explore the story of each artist and piece by accessing further information about its history and provenance. Artists and curators are also able to explore their creative vision by adapting the virtual space, adding sound recordings, video and interactive elements. The gallery and their artists took advantage of many of the benefits of a virtual exhibition space, and they continue to do so.

The Working Title gallery is a fictional art space. This story illustrates some of the advantages of using a virtual space. There are many more options and possibilities. Contact us to find out more about the advantages of a virtual exhibition space.

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