Special Features

There are a range of special features that can be added to a virtual exhibition. These can be used to add new functions, to make your gallery more accessible, or to give visitors a unique experience…

  • Interactive items
  • Music & sound design
  • Live events & VR headsets
  • Real-time exhibition editing
  • Online streaming & embedding

Interactive Items

Present more information, share documents, gather feedback & connect with visitors.

In a virtual gallery, visitors can interact with artworks and exhibits to find out more about the items on display. Exhibition designers can also add other interactive objects with their own unique features and functions. For example, exhibitions can display books, maps and other documents. By interacting with a book, visitors can now scroll through the pages of a catalogue, album, or any other kind of reading material. Maps can be placed around the gallery, giving visitors a clear view of the gallery layout. For larger galleries it’s also possible to make maps accessible at any time, so that users can view them as they walk around.

Any kind of object can be used to redirect visitors to an online web page. For example, a tablet can be placed on a table in the gallery, and visitors can interact with this to open up a web page in their browser. This is a smart way of taking visitors to a survey or to further information about the exhibition and its organisers.

Other objects placed around the virtual gallery can be used to redirect visitors to a specific web link. For example, a visitor’s book could be used to redirect people to a comment page, so that they can leave feedback about their visit. A computer or book could be used to download a copy of the exhibition catalogue, or to download any other kind of document that you’d like to give to share with your visitors. Interactive items can also be used to redirect visitors to an online chat window, an online enquiry form, or to a live-streaming session. This is a useful way of connecting with your audience and establishing a relationship with them.

If you have your own idea for an interactive feature, please talk to us and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

Music & Sound Design

Musical soundtracks, ambient effects & audio guides.

Audio recordings can be used to provide a description of each exhibit, or to create a narrative of the exhibition as a whole. Audio guides can be triggered when entering new areas of the gallery, or when interacting with a particular exhibit. Artists can introduce their own work, or curators and exhibition designers can use this feature to inform and educate their audience. A good audio guide can make your exhibition more engaging and immersive, as well making it accessible to a wider audience.

Live Events & VR Headsets

Use virtual exhibitions as part of interactive displays live presentations or immersive VR experiences.

Ask us about our event support services, including equipment, setup & support.

Contact us with any enquiry, to get a quotation, or to arrange a live demonstration >>

Email us any time at contact@curat10n.com

Real-time Exhibition Editing

Design, plan and visualize new exhibitions in real-time using our unique editing software.

Online Streaming

Add a virtual exhibition to any web page & make it easily accessible to a wide audience

Ask us about our cloud hosting service, so you can embed your virtual exhibition on any web page.

The advantages of a virtual exhibition

1. Curation, planning, design & visualization

Our software is powerful, flexible & easy to use. Curate, plan and visualize exhibitions in 3D. Recreate any real-world space and design shows in real-time.

2. Promotion, marketing & content creation

Create high-quality marketing content easily. Take screenshots & record or live-stream videos. Promote artists & upcoming shows with a virtual exhibition.

3. Live events & immersive installations

Create spectacular live event visuals & interactive installations. Expand a real-world show or art fair, deliver presentations & explore creative ideas.

4. Global reach, sales & worldwide access

Share interactive exhibitions & virtual galleries worldwide. Reach global audiences, make sales, produce shows that are permanent, limitless & accessible.

5. Archiving, organising & digitizing collections

Digitize & visualize artwork: Including images, sculpture, video recordings and information databases. Archive, preserve and search collections in 3D.

Contact us with any enquiry, to get a quotation, or to arrange a live demonstration >>

Email us any time at contact@curat10n.com

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