Hundred Years Open Exhibition 2019

In the Hundred Years virtual gallery

This virtual gallery features artwork from the Summer 2019 open exhibition at Hundred Years Gallery in London, UK.

It features work form 33 artists, including 63 images, over an hour of video, and a 3D sound sculpture.

You can watch a guided tour of the exhibition below, or download the virtual gallery and explore it on your own PC or Mac.

This virtual gallery was displayed as part of the original real-world exhibition, and is now available as a free download for PC and Mac. It expands, preserves and improves access to this unique selection of artwork.

The virtual gallery space is an accurate recreation of the real gallery, and this space has been duplicated to give 4 times as much space, plus some new outside areas for displaying artwork. This means that twice as many pieces have been included in the virtual exhibition, and each one is given more wall space. The virtual gallery preserves and archives the art selection into the future, allowing people to download and explore it at any time, from anywhere in the world.

The original exhibition took place from May to June 2019, and the virtual download is now available on the download page.

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Download the virtual exhibition

You can download the interactive exhibition for free and explore it on your PC or Mac

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