Public Exhibitions

Explore Curat10n’s Virtual Galleries

Explore Curat10n’s Virtual Galleries

On this page you will find a wide selection of exhibitions created for our clients from around the world. Click on any of the images below to find out more.

If you would like to create your own virtual exhibition you can complete the contact form at the bottom of the page, or simply go to our Contact page.

Real Dads Network

Expressions of Black Fatherhood

Miller Art Museum, Wisconsin

47th Annual Salon of High School Art

ACA Galleries, New York

A Black Perspective

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Wildlife Artist of the Year

In collaboration with BBC Wildlife Magazine


3D Character NFT Gallery

Glasgow University & UNESCO RILA

Colouring Outside the Lines

Baltimore City. USA

Home is Where the Heart Is

Wilfrid Laurier University

Student Showcase 2021

Big Local Impact, London

Brixton Young Artists

EU Commission & MSCA

Cancer Research Panel

Willumsens Museum, Copenhagen

WTF Exhibition

University of St Andrews

Art of Energy 2021

Poznan University of Arts

Reality in Virtuality II

Poznan University of Arts

Reality in Virtuality I

Sarah Hollebon

Death Over Time

Willumsens Museum, Copenhagen

Feel the Soul ?

Carpet Pages III


Falmouth University


STAND, Ireland

Climate Migration

Lesley Bodzy

Solo Exhibition

Miller Art Museum, Wisconsin

The Mavericks

Remembering Srebrenica

Memories of Genocide

ACA Galleries, New York

Faith Ringgold Exhibition

ACA Galleries, New York

Richard Mayhew Exhibition

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Curat10n specialise in producing cutting-edge arts platforms and immersive exhibitions.

We work with artists, galleries, universities, charities and exhibitors from around the world.

Find out more about our virtual exhibition platform and how you can use our software to design, plan, promote and display artworks and exhibits for audiences around the world.

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