The Hive Gallery & Mini Hive

The Hive is a spacious and flexible virtual gallery designed for larger exhibitions. It is naturally-lit and has a unique architectural style – modelled on the honeycomb structure of a beehive. There are 15 hexagonal ‘rooms’ and a large central hall. It offers enough wall space for 120-240 artworks and is our most expansive ready-made gallery space. The large number of rooms makes this perfect for group exhibitions, with each artists being able to have their own space.

It is a flexible design, with the option of adding or removing the roof from each room. This means that artwork can be naturally lit, or illuminated with spotlighting. Adding a roof to individual rooms also makes them ideal for video installations and projections. Several of the rooms also include water features, creating a different atmosphere and proving a space that is well-suited to sculptural work.

From the central room there is access to the balcony, which overlooks every room of the gallery. This offers a unique view of the entire space and is an easy way of finding your way around. The large central room of the gallery can also be filled with information about the exhibition, such as video or audio introductions to each artist. It’s also a good area to present information about your gallery, art group or organisation.

While you’re here, take a look at the White Space and Open Art 2017 gallery videos. Or follow the Open Art 2018 exhibition, due for release later this year.

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Interactive galleries are perfect for exhibitions that will inspire, entertain and engage audiences. There are many possibilities when it comes to their features & applications. Our design & development services are custom made for every client. Once we know what you want, we can discuss your options and give advice. Together we will decide on the design brief for your project. We can then give you a time scale for its development (usually 2-8 weeks) and give you a quote for it’s price.

Contact our team to find out more about your virtual gallery options and get answers to any questions you have. You can use the contact form or send us a direct email to

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Virtual Exhibitions

  • Create any gallery space imaginable
  • Easily share artwork worldwide
  • Show interactive artist information
  • Permanent access & archiving of shows
  • Cost-effective and flexible exhibitions

Selling Artwork

  • Link exhibitions with your online store
  • Buyers can visualise artwork to-scale
  • Artist information & provenance
  • Sell through the Curat10n art shop
  • Data & insights on sales and views

Exhibition Planning

  • Live visualizations & presentations
  • Interactive installations and events
  • Attention grabbing projection visuals
  • Efficient use of space at art fairs
  • VR & projection for immersive events

Live Interactive Events

  • Visualize exhibitions during planning
  • Easily select and move artwork in 3D
  • Save on planning costs & logistics
  • Professional consultation and support
  • In-house Training for curators

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