The White Space Gallery

The White Space is a virtual gallery designed for e-commerce and web integration. It shows how exhibitions can be used to share artwork and make art sales worldwide, and also demonstrates a high degree of realism and visual quality.

This space also features on-screen videos, as well as video projections within the 3d environment. The user also has the option of accessing further on-screen information about each artwork, revealing details about the artist and other images realting to the piece. Audio guides also introduce the viewer to each section of the gallery. Videos, audio guides and further written information are triggered by the player’s movements.

The web and e-commerce features give the viewer the option of adding artworks to an online shopping cart. This is done by pressing a key when standing in front of the artwork they wish to purchase. This automatically opens a web browser and adds the item to their online cart.

Virtual Exhibitions

  • Create any gallery space imaginable
  • Easily share artwork worldwide
  • Show interactive artist information
  • Permanent access & archiving of shows
  • Cost-effective and flexible exhibitions

Selling Artwork

  • Link exhibitions with your online store
  • Buyers can visualise artwork to-scale
  • Artist information & provenance
  • Sell through the Curat10n art shop
  • Data & insights on sales and views

Exhibition Planning

  • Live visualizations & presentations
  • Interactive installations and events
  • Attention grabbing projection visuals
  • Efficient use of space at art fairs
  • VR & projection for immersive events

Live Interactive Events

  • Visualize exhibitions during planning
  • Easily select and move artwork in 3D
  • Save on planning costs & logistics
  • Professional consultation and support
  • In-house Training for curators

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4-3 Mondrian - virtual gallery - 3d immersive art exhibition and interactive artist visualisation - curat10n

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